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  1. Spoopyro

    tModLoader Mod that gives every melee weapon Brand of the Inferno's blocking ability?

    How hard would it be to program for someone who has zero idea on how to code? It's such a fun mechanic that's kinda wasted on one weapon that's very meh.
  2. Spoopyro

    tModLoader EarlyArmor+

    EarlyArmor+ is a mod me and Iriazul are working on. The purpose of this is too make earlymode armors more useful. This made is not done and more testing, Balancing, better sprites, and stats are needed. This is done by doing two things. First thing we did is turn the early ore armor like Tin...
  3. Spoopyro

    Could someone do a tiny favor and make those small bee hives drop bees wax?

    I was just thinking how useless and annoying those bee hives are, this will make summoner way easier to start out as and make bee hives useful.
  4. Spoopyro

    Mod to show the names of enemies above them?

    Could be nice for something like Prefixes for enemies
  5. Spoopyro

    tModLoader Is there a way to easily swap between vanilla and modded terraria?

    I'm currently doing a vanilla run with my friend but I also want to do a modded run in singleplayer, Game Launcher is outdated as fug.
  6. Spoopyro

    Different Head Piece Variant For Luminite Armors?

    The Solar Mask can get a set bonus that works the same way as the beetle scale mail, but could maybe also send out slightly homing fire balls at enemies when its active The Stardust Hood can get a more offensive guardian that does more damage,faster and has longer range of aggro but doesn't...
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