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  1. PhilBill44

    Clouds turn to rain clouds after in contact with water

    I think it would be cool if clouds turned to rain clouds when they touched water. Probably not when in contact with rain as that would be somewhat annoying. The only problem I would see is water messing up your structures with clouds on them, so maybe they revert back after not being in contact...
  2. PhilBill44

    Marvel and DC Mod

  3. PhilBill44

    tModLoader The Metroid Mod!

    Copy these into your signature to show support! Discord Server The Metroid Mod is a mod that, as you guessed, adds in Metroid related content. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Credits: @DivermanSam and @Scooterboot9697 for helping with MorphBall code. @Scooterboot9697...
  4. PhilBill44

    tModLoader NPC programming help

    No longer need help
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