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  1. Stoovan

    A unprepared hard mode start (advice?)

    So lemme give you a picture of what's going down. So I started hard mode with like very few crates, a summoner emblem (even though I have one summoner weapon and I don't plan on being a summoner.) and no hellivators to protect my biomes. With all that being said, I have a good basic gist of...
  2. Stoovan

    PC The Moon (above sky islands)

    So I'm not sure if this has already been suggested but if not, here's a little suggestion I have that would fit perfectly for space in terraria. The moon pretty much. The moon would be way higher than the sky islands and would require wings or allot of dedication (aka ropes or anti gravity...
  3. Stoovan

    PC Turn off christmas related content?

    As you can tell, I hate Christmas. It's a time of hostility and greed while at the same time the state of our world is practically on fire meaning we have better things to do than to celebrate stupid events like it. I hate the fact that slimes keep dropping presents or the bow vanity item. It...
  4. Stoovan

    PC Making a good wizard house

    As the title implies. I'm trying to make a good wizard house to start a playthrough. But I lack the skill or talent to make good houses to begin with. And there isn't any tutorials for wizard houses in general. So anyone got some tips, advice or even a guide for that kind of stuff? I would...
  5. Stoovan

    PC Terraria clone guide?

    I'm looking to make a small game that plays the same way as terraria. I've seen it with alot of other things before. So I know it's possible. Anyone know some guides on how to do so?
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