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  1. IndigoRage

    PC Regular crashing after 1.4.3 update.

    As of 1.4.3 Terraria has been repeatedly slowing down almost to a complete halt at seemingly random intervals several hours apart and dependent on nothing actually occurring in my play session as if it is crashing and any attempt to tab out or manually shut it down in this state freezes my...
  2. IndigoRage

    A slew of QoL Change and Item Suggestions in light of recent news.

    I just saw the teasers for the Don't Starve crossover update meaning another small update in the vein of the Old One's Army is coming. I've compiled a list of "I wish I had X" "I wish I had Y" from discussions with my friends over that period of time. I know it's probably small and much of it is...
  3. IndigoRage

    Make PreHM Crates obtainable in HM without changing worlds.

    I propose that PreHM crates be obtainable via crafting a HM crate. This is because of the alternate utility of the crates as a decorative item rather than as a goodie bag. If you like the design/color of a certain kind of crate, you're out of luck if it's recolored in HM. Perhaps this could even...
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