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    i really dont know

    i really dont know
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    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    Does anyone know how to quickly switch between vanilla and modded (on mac) so I can not have to spend 15 minutes switching between the two :D
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    tModLoader Modded and Vanilla

    I can't do any of this (I have a mac), but have the same problem so if anyone can help that'd be appreciated
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    Summoner Class Needs (could use) An Update.

    So I know that already The summoner class is supposed to get a new early game summoner weapon because the slime staff wasn't meant as part of a complete class when it was implemented, but even if that gets added you do any playthrough besides summoner and there's so many weapons, but with...
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    tModLoader Official tModLoader Help Thread

    I have a question: on a mac, how would I quickly switch between modded and vanilla terraria? All descriptions of how to do this are made for windows. All of said descriptions (as far as I can tell) don't work on mac. If someone could help that'd be much appreciated. Thanks :D
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