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    Corrupt a Wish

    Wish granted but you attacked by scientists and they make everybody smart I wish that destroyer could destroy blocks
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    Slime rancher

    Tell me who to do next in slime rancher and dont read more if you dont wanna get spoilers for the game
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    PC How to defeat the mechanical bosses (Part 1, The Destroyer)

    Uhh i defeated destroyer without this long guide but still pretty good but just get daedalus storm bow with holy arrows and you defeated him and other mech bosses with that deadalus storm bow and holy arrows
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    PC All The NPC's

    Cool guidr but i wanna defeat expert moon lord
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    How i kill moon lord

    Beetle armor? No thanks i already beat it with hallowed armor (helmet) and i am using any class weapons
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    How i kill moon lord

    Solar eruption and hallowed armor and godly daybreak
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    How i kill moon lord

    I dont know i defeat moon lord what armor i should use? And what weapons
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    What i should do in hardmode?

    How i get W I N G S even wyverns dont spawn? But iwould make 3 tier armor because i want max defense but what with weapons? By the way snow is over powered in stopping crimson or corruption and hallowed biomes from getting to your house or tree
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    Top 5 favorite video games

    1. 5 nights at pingas (idk how it is actually named) fortress 3. Light bearers 4. Subnautica 5. Pc building simulator
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    Those "how did I survive that?" Moments

    I got launched in space with reaper leviathan so idk how i survived it
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    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    I dont like pokemon (which i call pingasmon because of it songs with pingas sounds) because i dont know i download it
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    Mobile The Official Geometry Dash Thread

    I don't like geometry dash because i cant play other players maps
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    Worst Game You've Played

    Pixel worlds
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    Pixel Worlds

    Wth worst game ever not terraria the pixel worlds is such a RIPOFF OF GROWTOPIA
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    Its already old and i am bored I am bored of subnautica not of the forum
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    Scariest game ever?

    Vr roller coaster with moving chair
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    What i should do in hardmode?

    I dont know what to do in hardmode.
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    I am playing with pirated version
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    I am new so don't rage. ok?
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    HEllo i made a server Could you help But there is rules: No griefing. Okay server is this: IP port:7777 Password of server is: yourmum Please I need HELP With farming
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