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  1. Boltlord

    PC Blood Moon Rising - The Painting

    So when I put this painting inside my base, It was called Red Moon Rises. I realized it was placed a little bit to the left so I moved it and it was called Blood Moon Rising. When did the name change?
  2. Boltlord

    PC Questions about Artificial Biomes

    I am going to destroy all of my Crimson and Hallow, but I still need the souls and some stuff so I am going to make Artificial Biomes will a 2 grey brick barrier around them be enough? Monsters do not spawn in player placed walls, but if I place stone walls in that area and clentaminate it...
  3. Boltlord

    PC My Hookup

    This is where I hook up ----------- I am looking a fresh start, till Moon Lord. Large world, Normal Mode, Crimson Biome Steam= Boltlord
  4. Boltlord

    PC The Builds on Dark Horizon

    This is where all of my Builds in my world, Dark Horizon are Showcased No enemy can get here, it needs 5 keys to get into this building You need both the Diamond & Ruby to open the final gate [/SPOILER]
  5. Boltlord

    PC Toilets & Showers

    Toilets & Showers: Toilets are already in this game, but only the default and Golden Toilet Toilets need to be added for every furniture set Showers aren't in this game. They will be 3 Blocks long and 2 Blocks wide There will be one for every Furniture Set
  6. Boltlord

    PC Building Playthrough

    I wanna make buildings with someone else My Steam is Boltlord Also you must have a post Golem char with a Picksaw
  7. Boltlord

    PC Moon Lord Guide for Melee Classes

    Ever too lazy to make a Battle Arena? Always dying to Moon Lord? Want a simple strategy? Then this is the Guide for you All you need is Two Wooden Boxes connecteed via Teleporter You make a Wooden Box in the sky with a heart lantern and a campfire All you need is a Solar Eruption You can just...
  8. Boltlord

    How to enter World Seeds in 1.3.5

    How to choose a specific seed for a world in v1.3.5?
  9. Boltlord

    Best Pre-Moon Lord Melee Armor

    Whats the best pre ML melee amor set? and what is its bonus, I want an offensive armor
  10. Boltlord

    The most beautiful things you have seen in Terraria

    Post a picture of the most beautiful things you have ever seen in this game For me it is the Mushroom Biome during Blood Moons
  11. Boltlord

    PC Someone for Normal Mode. Till Moon Lord

    Always new characters I am currently looking for a 4 Player Playthrough. Our classes will be different (1 Warrior, 1 Ranger, 1 Mage, and 1 Summoner) I will be the ranger Yoyo classes are not allowed The world will be mine and I will be the ranger class I am usually on 10 AM to 7AM GMT Use a...
  12. Boltlord

    Do Mushroom/Jungle Biomes spread?

    I want the Truffle to move in, but I am too lazy to make artificial one, so I will basically place mushroom grass seeds on the surface jungle Will the Mushroom Biome spread and take over my whole Jungle? Will the Jungle spread into the Biome, destroying it? Also what happens to the Truffle if...
  13. Boltlord

    Resolved NPCS LEAVE!!!

    my angler left. Why? I was Using alot of Solar Tablets for Solar Ecplipses so I can get Terra Blade, and he left Mid Solar Eclipse
  14. Boltlord

    Is Fetid Baghnakas a direct upgrade to Arkhalis?

    Arkhalis is a really fast weapon. It is very OP for pre-hardmode Fetid Baghnakas are with faster speed, more damage, and very OP for hardmode Is the Fetid Baghnaks an upgrade to Arkhalis?
  15. Boltlord

    Do creatures despawn?

    My Lifeform Analazyer detected a Hallowed Mimic. Then when I moved and came to the same spot, it wasnt there
  16. Boltlord

    Whats that sign beneath yoyos?

    I recently bought a Gradient from Skeleton Merchant. It has no modifiers. It has a strange symbol on the bottom of the list that tells its damage and everything What is it? I dont have Yoyo Glove, Counterweights or Yoyo Bag
  17. Boltlord

    What are the odds?

    What are the odds? A Solar Eclipse, then Blood Moon on the following night, then Solar Eclipse has just started. They killed my Goblin Tinkerer last time!
  18. Boltlord

    THE TWINS!!!!

    I wasn't Twins prepared. I got the message "This is Going to be a Terrible Night" and I moved away from my spawn SUPER FAST!! I was going on a mining trip to get Titanium so I Magic Mirriored and went right in the surface I had Molten Armor, Golden Shower and Megashark (I also had Excaliber...
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