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  1. Virukino

    tModLoader Hammerator & Spacerator | auto hammer and auto space blocks - Makes Hoiks Easy!

    I realize it's a bit old, but is there a way to reset the origin?
  2. Virukino

    tModLoader Everything Is Worms

    Every AI is Worm AI. Might add a mod image. Might not. It should be on mod browser under Everything Is Worms. Thanks to Kirtle and GabeHasWon for their help.
  3. Virukino

    tModLoader Ancients Awakened (Work in Progress)

    I'm trying to give Mushium to the lovecraftian, but she won't accept it. I have some in my inventory, and I don't have the powder, but no dialogue is changing, and the mushium isn't being taken
  4. Virukino

    tModLoader The seven sins - W.I.P

    Something else that's a good idea for having people join is knowing what it's about
  5. Virukino

    tModLoader Destructible Tiles - Brutalize your worlds

    Will there be support for beam weapons such as the last prism? My first thought upon seeing the mod was to use that and i was mildly sad that it didn't break anything. I'm unsure if the charged blaster cannon is likewise limited.
  6. Virukino

    tModLoader SGAmod

    Just FYI, your images aren't loading
  7. Virukino

    Black and White Texture pack

    A mass picture/file editing program.
  8. Virukino

    tModLoader The Potion Seller Mod [Discontinued]

    Potion seller, I tell you I'm going into battle and I want only your strongest potions.
  9. Virukino

    tModLoader Yuki's Mod

    What about knockback, or the exact number for use time, or the other stuff?
  10. Virukino

    tModLoader Yuki's Mod

    What are the other stats for the swords?
  11. Virukino

    Black and White Texture pack

    Done, I can add actual pngs, not just lightshot links tomorrow.
  12. Virukino

    Black and White Texture pack

  13. Virukino

    Black and White Texture pack

    This is a texture pack that makes all of the sprites in Terraria completely desaturated. If you wanted to do this, I saved you like 1-5 hours, 'cause now all ya gots to do is download and move and voila, mostly black and white. Some places in the game will not be black and white, such as the...
  14. Virukino

    tModLoader The Potion Seller Mod [Discontinued]

    Hello potion seller. I'm going into battle and I want your strongest potions.
  15. Virukino

    tModLoader Economy

    Ok so a couple things: -Why would you pay 1 gold(100 silver) to get 400 stone when you can pay 10 silver for 400 stone? -Terraria sprites are in 2x2(4 pixels of the exact same color value in a square=1 terraria pixel). The best way to do this is sprite in 1x1, then size by 200% -Interesting mod.
  16. Virukino

    tModLoader Barriers

    I love the variable stats, will there be a way to upgrade them?
  17. Virukino

    tModLoader The Legend of the Mage Island Mod

    well the hilt is pretty gradienty and the outlines are black, but overall, it's better, if you go to this discord, they can help
  18. Virukino

    tModLoader The Legend of the Mage Island Mod

    I have some feedback on your sprites.
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