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  1. GuJunjie_CN

    Add Empress of light's body mass effect

    That would be a good suggestion,This can make the game more realistic.I hope the authorities can read this proposal
  2. GuJunjie_CN

    Guys,Have you ever taken a bus in China?

    But if you want to watch the video you can send email to [email protected]
  3. GuJunjie_CN

    Add more elements about China

    We all know that China is a country with a strong cultural heritage and it is also a country with 5000 years' history.So I think it is very reasonable to add more elements about China. For example we can do this:We can publicize more words about China.Also,add new zombies is also a very good...
  4. GuJunjie_CN

    If the Empress of light are controled by us,What thing will happen?😂

    Things are going to get interesting
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