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  1. Virukino

    tModLoader Everything Is Worms

    Every AI is Worm AI. Might add a mod image. Might not. It should be on mod browser under Everything Is Worms. Thanks to Kirtle and GabeHasWon for their help.
  2. Virukino

    Black and White Texture pack

    This is a texture pack that makes all of the sprites in Terraria completely desaturated. If you wanted to do this, I saved you like 1-5 hours, 'cause now all ya gots to do is download and move and voila, mostly black and white. Some places in the game will not be black and white, such as the...
  3. Virukino

    PC Hellstone Shot Mod

    This is a super small mod that adds Hellstone Shot, ammo for guns, crafted from musket balls and hellstone, that causes fire! It is on the mod browser. Edit:Attached file
  4. Virukino

    PC Nerf Ripoff Mod?

    Would making a Nerf ripoff mod be a good idea? It'd be a pvp-centered weapon, and there'd be armor(like vests or something). They'd be sold by an NPC that spawns either after the EoC is defeated, or after the WoF is defeated. There would probably be a non-coin shop system like the tavernkeep...
  5. Virukino

    PC Astria (woo yay discord)

    I realize this is a sort-of repost, but it's better now. Astria is a mostly post-Moon Lord mod that introduces limited space travel. You start out going to the base Terraria planet(Terraria Prime as a placeholder)'s moon using a basic spacecraft crafted from Astrite. -Then, using materials...
  6. Virukino

    I need a pixel program.

    I know of and piskel, but are there any other better free ones?
  7. Virukino

    Ore Spriters Needed!

    I need somebody to help me with some ores for a mod I'm creating. I have between 30-50 ores with colors and names, I just need textures for them, and I just so happen to suck at that.
  8. Virukino

    PC Looking for coders, spriters, musicians, and a few core help people for my Astria mod

    As the title says, I need help. I'm currently in the very beginnings of my mod, know little to nothing about coding, and know absolutely nothing about Terrarian music, other than it sounds cool. Things I'm offering: -a percentage of royalties from donations, up to 15% -must participate a...
  9. Virukino

    PC Astria Mod (Space travel)

    This mod is about Traveling to other planets in the Terraria star system of Astria. Right now, I need help with coding, sprite drawing, coming up with enemies and other stuff like ores and items, wiki making, and music. If you'd like to contact me, or would be willing to help me, Pm me (if...
  10. Virukino

    PC New Crates

    (desert) Sandy Crate: -Some pyramid, underground desert, and normal desert items, like biome stuff. Also hard mode items in hard mode. (snow) Frozen Crate: -Some ice and underground snow biome stuff. Also hard mode items in hard mode. (ocean) Sea crate: -ocean stuff? maybe new things...
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