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  1. Myth

    PC Which mod is this?

    I have been playing with a few mods and I can't seem to find which mod has created this particular feature that spawns random chests throughout my world that contains hardmode loot.
  2. Myth

    Casual Streaming, what would you want to see?

    I normally don't stream much, but lately I've been streaming more and would love to hear some opinions from yuuou guys. I won't advertise my stream, but I wanted to ask if you guys would enjoy a new streamer if they had a face cam or if they were playing and interacting with the viewers without...
  3. Myth

    PC Super Modded Play Through

    I asked on Reddit if you guys would enjoy watching a super modded play through, even though you may not even know who I am so I made the first episode and wanted to know what you think of it. Episode 2
  4. Myth

    Why were statue spawn limits reduced again?

    The title may not be exactly what I'm asking but I was just wondering why were the limits to how fast a statue, or mob spawner, could spawn mobs in reduced in, 1.3? (might be wrong about it being 1.3) I remember them being reduced so other methods of farms were introduced, but what was the...
  5. Myth

    PC Expert Thorium Play Through

    I've been making an Expert Thorium play through on my channel and would love to have you guys check it out and give me some feedback. I'm working on my editing skills and seeing how well I can do with getting rid of footage that's unneeded and so far it seems to be ok. But I want to see how you...
  6. Myth

    Terraria Play Through/Live Stream

    I've had many issues with completing play through's in the past, ones I attempt to record and upload to YouTube, so I decided I would live stream the play through and spolit the stream into 20 minute segments to upload. So far I've got episodes 1-5 on YouTube, with 6 scheduled to come out today...
  7. Myth

    Creating a Multi-Biome Key Farm

    There are probably answers to this, but I can't seem to word it right in Google so I thought I'd ask here. Basically I'm trying to build a multi-biome key farm to unlock the chests in the dungeon. I currently have a layer of 50x4x50x4x50 ice blocks for the ice, crimson, and hallow keys, as I've...
  8. Myth

    PC No Chests PT

    Here's a No Chests Play Through I'm attempting. Obviously it's not hard because it's softcore, but it presents a challenge in me facing situations on whether I should keep certain items or not throughout the series. I hope you enjoy the different style of play through rather than a normal...
  9. Myth

    Play Through w/ Myth

    I'm not well-known, but I do enjoy making videos. Forewarning: I somehow accidently deleted episode 1 on my channel and I asked my viewers if they cared and said no, so I do apologize that there is no first episode to watch, but here are the current episodes I have and when I upload more I will...
  10. Myth

    PC Play Through ideas?

    I'm looking to start a play through, and record it, and I'd like to do a series that's not as common, but I don't want to do one that's challenging to the point it's just a massive grind fest. What are some god play through ideas that involve a certain class and is a lot of fun, but isn't as...
  11. Myth

    Random Drops to 30 FPS

    I've noticed, per the latest patch 1.3.4 (might be because of as well) that I get random drops to 30 FPS once in a while that last for a few seconds and returns to the normal 60 after a while. I can normally play 1920x1080 just fine with Trippy, but I'm playing windowed at 1280x720 with...
  12. Myth

    PC Steam download

    This might be a Steam related issue, but I'm posting this because any other game I try downloading on steam works just fine. Anytime I try and download Terraria on my new SSD it starts at 5.7/238.5 mb ( I have the sound trackas well, already done and the proceeds to download, slowly increasing...
  13. Myth

    PC New Start - PT

    Hey, it's Myth. I've made so many posts in this section about starting a play through series that it's not funny. Well I've decided to turn over a new leaf and start fresh. I've deleted any old videos of me starting a series and decided to start a new series where I actually play through the...
  14. Myth

    PC Expert Mode PT

    i usually make one f these threads, post some videos of the first few episodes and end up never making anymore. Well that's going to stop, plus I got a new mic so I'm intrigued to make more videos! As well as video editing time, plus rendering, has decreased dramatically so making videos will be...
  15. Myth

    PC Multiple Mods

    So this isn't about making a mod, although I'd love to, just don't see why as there are so many already that I could play those instead of make a trash bin to put mine in. Anyways, recently I started playing with more than one mod installed, using tModLoader and when recording I get lag that...
  16. Myth

    PC 1.3.2 Spoilers Review

    I decided to review the 1.3.2 spoilers we have gotten so far. If more come out I will review them as well. I hope you enjoy it!
  17. Myth

    Expert PT

    I decided to start an Expert Play Through and record it. It's going to be like a normal series you'd play but I'm recording and adding commentary/tips and tricks for you to watch. Hope you enjoy.
  18. Myth

    PC No Beehives...

    Question answered.
  19. Myth

    My New Village

    Keep in mind I am/was playing the Tremor Mod, but most of it (pretty much all of it) was used using regular blocks found in the vanilla game. I hope you like it. I tend not to cram my houses so close as it just makes it a cluster fudge for me, but I also get really laggy when a lot of tiles...
  20. Myth

    5 Years! Let's talk about it

    So if you didn't know, or haven't payed any attention to the date, Terraria has turned 5 today and it's been an amazing 5 years of the devs staying with the game, through tough times, and it's been 4 and a half for me. I can't believe seeing this game be out for this long still be one of the...
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