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  1. CyberLinkX

    tModLoader Up to Date Modded Boss Progression List Please!

    YES, I KNOW this is why Boss Checklist exists, but I just want an up to date list before I start playing these 6: Calamity Thorium Tremor Spirit Sacred Tools Antiaris
  2. CyberLinkX

    Mobile Deep Paint not working on Trees

    I tried Deep Paint on a Tree and it didn't work!o_O This is annoying, because I want to paint leaves autumn colors for Halloween!:hoppinjack: What do you think? Should it be fixed?
  3. CyberLinkX

    Swapping Vanity/Armor/Accesories Bug

    When I swap a vanity item, armor piece, or accessory with another item of the same time the game will bug out and the item will be gone!o_O Happend with me switching my Dragon Mask and Mining helmet; Had to beat Ocram FOUR TIMES for a new Dragon Mask!:sigh:VERY ANNOYING!!!:mad:
  4. CyberLinkX

    Mobile How To Make Artificial Biomes

    This is how to create several artificial biomes (if you don't want Corruption/Crimson/Hallow to spread, space out or build in Space;)) 1. Corruption: 200 Corrupt Grass, or Other Corrupt blocks 2. Crimson: 200 Crimson Grass, or Other Crimson Blocks 3. Mushroom: 100 Mushroom Grass 4. Jungle...
  5. CyberLinkX

    Crimson Enemy Drops Bug

    Crimslimes, Herplings, and Floaty Grosses don't drop the Meat Grinder; A Floaty Gross dropped the Flesh Grinder Hammer, and a Herpling dropped a Nazar! Weird and annoying!o_O
  6. CyberLinkX

    Queen Bee Bug

    Hive Larvae break when I'm nowhere near the jungle and Queen Bee attacks me no matter where I am Help!o_O
  7. CyberLinkX

    Frost Moon Fixed?

    Are the Frost Moon bugs fixed yet? Just wondering
  8. CyberLinkX

    New Crafting Stations Bug

    Some Crafting Stations Like Living Loom and Sky Mill are missing! Need an iOS Hotfix please!
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