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  1. Golden duck

    are there any evil swaping texture packs?

    Are there any texture packs that completely switch the evils, like replacing all the crimson blocks, enemies, and bosses with corruption variants? I just don't want to make something that's already been done.
  2. Golden duck

    Are there any texture pack discord servers?

    Are there any general terraria texture pack discord servers? .
  3. Golden duck

    Ask a Golden duck anything

    Ask me anything and I will probably answer -
  4. Golden duck

    Cupcake Sword!!!

    You find yourself in a cave and see a light up ahead, as you come closer you see a glowing cupcake, The Legendary C U P C A K E Sword!!! P.S This is a retexture for the enchanted sword and it was made by my sister. 🧁
  5. Golden duck

    Better Plantera

    Did you ever think that plantera"s pink petals didn't really look realistic? Me neither But I fixed it anyway. :pinky:
  6. Golden duck

    (Enchanted Sword)

    Makes the enchanted sword into an enchanted sword :)
  7. Golden duck

    Better Face Monster

    Changes The Face Monster for (In my opinion) to a more Face Monstery Face Monster.
  8. Golden duck

    Crash Bandicoot Mask (Aku Aku)

    I Turned the Tiki Spirit pet into the mask from the crash Bandicoot games because the look alike.
  9. Golden duck

    Fire Axe

    It just changes the Iron Axe to a Fire Axe PS this is my first texture pack
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