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  1. MadbriX|CVG

    Question about Building

    I've definitely seen some impressive builds over here on the forums. But how do they do it? I noticed one big factor is wall diversity and furniture choice. But do you need to have constant memory of every single block and furniture item in the game? What impulses do you builders have when...
  2. MadbriX|CVG

    PC 1.3 Little Details I Found

    So when I was searching caves for an Extractinator and harvesting from my marble cave, I came across this little cartoony Detonator connected to Explosives. I found another slightly deeper and apparently they spawn with massive veins or ore, mostly Platinum/Gold. (Thanks for the camera mode...
  3. MadbriX|CVG

    Linux I finally found a way to run Terraria on Ubuntu (PlayOnLinux)

    Alright, this method of running Terraria on Linux can be used to fix the problem I have encountered pretty much everywhere on the internet when running the game on this high tech platform. I will skip the introduction of what PlayOnLinux is and I will assume you guys know what it is, and how to...
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