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  1. NKSHV

    Right now 99% of original resource packs get completely lost on the workshop due to reupload flood.

    Workshop is completely flooded with reuploads because the game allows to freely publish downloaded packs. We can kind of rely on people upvoting good original packs so that we are more likely to see them in our feed, but right now 99% of new good original packs get lost in the reuploads and no...
  2. NKSHV

    Mods with stuff for building and designing base/houses?

    I had calamity and a bunch of smaller mods like chad's furniture mod, unfortunately after WoF it started to lag on my weak PC so I can't continue the playthrough. I also couldn't include jenosis furniture mod because of not enough memory. I can't use 64 bit, it lags on my PC. So I want to...
  3. NKSHV

    no fallen stars

    I don't get any fallen stars
  4. NKSHV

    NPC's shops do not show prices for some items

    It seems that if item is more expensive than 1 gold it shows the price, but I didn't test the exact number. So I can buy item from npcs, it consumes my money, but it does not show the price, which is very annoying
  5. NKSHV

    Mod suggestion: increase item by stats using it

    like the "learn by doing mod" just damage enemies with weapon and it will have additional damage, speed, size, etc. use drill and it will become bigger and faster take damage with armor and get additional defence etc. additional stats should be subtle like in learn by doing
  6. NKSHV

    tModLoader output tModLoader per-mod RAM usage?

    I use a lot of heavy mods and obviously have out of memory. Being able to see how much RAM everything loaded consumes would be very convenient for managing a lot of mods
  7. NKSHV

    tModLoader how to make enemy npc to target and attack other enemy npc?

    I feel like it should be easy to do (just change npc's target and mak it dealing damage to other npcs). However I didn't find any AI type of modding tutorials for tModLoader. My idea is to be able to catch any enemy npc and use it in fights with other enemy npc's (aka pokemon mod). This also...
  8. NKSHV

    Worlds connected to each other - travel from the edge of the world to the edge of another world

    Suggestion: If player reaches the left edge of the world, new world is created and player is warped to the right edge of the new world (same for right edge). That should be a very simple but yet very effective way to increase world size and diversity. So there is a "mother" world, which was...
  9. NKSHV

    Autosave frequency setting

    My suggestion is simple, make it possible to do autosave from every 30 seconds to every 30 minutes. It will "fix" terraria for broken PCs, for heavily modded terraria lovers, for those who want to know how frequently do their terraria autosave.
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