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  1. Drarky

    Pyramids and Flying Carpet

    Ok, so the Pyramids are a random (!) structure that can appear in the creation of the world, they are nothing spectacular and their loot, while cool, is nothing exceptional (Vanity or a Double Jump) except one... The Flying Carpet. The Flying Carpet is probably one of the most useful...
  2. Drarky

    Thrower Class: Reforged Shuriken

    So, with the new class coming out I was very hyped because of the possibilities it had (THROWING STUFF). But sadly, on this update the class got the reverse-summoner problem (Early game items, but no gear for late), so I wanted to try out making some of the options for gear, and here it's the...
  3. Drarky

    Lunatic Cultist Drops (Traditional Magic Set!)

    So, there has been a lot of hype with the recent Moon Lord drops and the entire event by itself, but I feel like they forgot to add the elements from the Lunatic Cultist, which is basically the main reason to everything happening. One of the thing that I really liked about that boss fight, is...
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