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  1. Wardo

    PC Ghost Spawning in Journey Mode

    Just a little thing. But while building on a cementery i noticed that the ghost's do spawn when the mob slider is at 0x.
  2. Wardo

    Teaser for Tales of Terraria

    Iam pioneering with Davinci Resolve and tailored this little Teaser for the adventure map Tales of Terraria. Forum Thread
  3. Wardo

    Wardo's hodgepodge (Building Thread)

    Hello! Its Wardo! This here will be some sort of collection of some of my builds. Everything is created on vanilla without mods. Hope you like it! You might want to check out the Thread for Tales of Terraria; an Adventure map iam building on and where you find many of those buildings...
  4. Wardo

    PC Spawning Eye of C'thulu on purpose?

    Hey! Is there any way to spawn the Eye at a certain trigger/mechanism/game-mechanic on purpose? Without the need to click on a item. It spawn at 200 life at night at random. However, its just not reliant in any way for an adventure map. *g* Could anyone find a way to spawn the eye in a...
  5. Wardo

    Adventure Tales of Terraria - Embark on a new Adventure! (WIP THREAD)

    Hello folks, Glad you stumbled upon my little project: Tales of Terraria. The name reflects what the Map is about: Capturing the spirit of Terraria, spiced up with new Dungeons, a Story, Riddles, Adventures and more. Placed in a World named 'Aendyria'. Its heavily influenced by games such as...
  6. Wardo


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