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  1. Dracaen

    Sword beams

    I'm sad about sword beams being removed, but what if there was an expert or master mode accesory that could cause swords to shoot their old beams? Even add a few unique ones for other melee weapons Hopefully there will atleast be a mod like that, maybe.
  2. Dracaen


    Why exactly does one paint have to go if echo paint is to be added? Even if it's one that isnt used by many it could still isolate the small amount of people who do and I find this wicked unfair, and could possibly ruin their builds, are there not any other alternatives?
  3. Dracaen

    Npc house

    A house I'm kind of proud of
  4. Dracaen

    Old gen world

    Been playing terraria since the 360 days and theres so many small things I miss a lot, I wish there was a sort special seed that adds in some of the old gen enemies, such as arch wyverns, vampire miners, Ocram and so on, as well as some old items like the zombie pet or the horned god set. Not...
  5. Dracaen

    Xbox One Cleansing corruption/crimson/hallow

    Something that has always frustrated me is that I've never been able to completely able to purify a world, there will always be 1% left and I have no idea how I should even be able to find those few last spots. Is there any item or trick to find these small spots? I wish there was some kind of...
  6. Dracaen

    Xbox One Cannot save any more data for this game

    I havent seen others with this problem specifically, as far as I know atleast. Every time the game would try and save a message would pop up "cant save any more data for this game" so I ended up uninstalling a ton of my games, deleting a bunch of worlds, yet still it would always show up...
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