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  1. mossy_oak01

    Mobile World Acting Strange

    I had deleted a hard mode character by accident and started a new character on the same world. Is had another gobbling appear in the caverns and wanted to spawn another dryad. The new character was already back in hard mode when this happened. I farmed hard and beat the wall of flesh quick with...
  2. mossy_oak01

    Deletion of Worlds and Characters

    My son and I have had some problems on the iphone with deleting characters and worlds. We tend to press the delete option because of being right handed and it coming up where we hold the phone. Just wondering/making a suggestion of having a menu to pop up as if you really want to delete your...
  3. mossy_oak01

    Resolved Bee Hive

    Just wondering if this spawns on every jungle map in Terraria mobile. I have just a few more spaces to check but it is getting very minimal and I have found no larvae yet. Anyone else having problems with this? or any suggestions?
  4. mossy_oak01

    Internet Archive Games

    Saw a bunch of news about this yesterday. Over 900 classic arcade games for free. Now I get to relive my childhood. :cool:
  5. mossy_oak01

    PC New to the Forums

    I picked up Terraria about a year ago and this game is just fantastic. Being a husband, father, and gamer I don't get a whole lot of game time but I've managed to sneak in quite a few hours for Terraria.
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