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  1. Otaku

    tModLoader Falling : Heaven and Hell (Seeking Help to Complete)

    I want to start to create this mod, and I will need help because I lack the skills to solely accomplish the huge task myself. It will be h-u-u-ge. Well if it will ever be started so that's why I am asking for help with it. It will expand the world of terraria as we know it. But since that is not...
  2. Otaku

    The Lost King <Town Npc>

    The Lost king is a once powerful king who fled his kingdom with nothing but his precious treasures after hearing of a great threat , the corruption so he has came to seek to your help he will give you quests related to the corruption and in turn you get his great treasures that he has obtained...
  3. Otaku

    Looking for a active coder that knows there stuff to help with the anime mod

    I am looking for a active coder that knows there stuff thats willing to help almost everyday with basic to intermediate and maybe even a few advance level things for the anime mod thats unreleased You will need to do: Weapons Accessories Armor Potions Town NPCS NPCS Crafting Tables Particles...
  4. Otaku

    Manifestation Weapon Vanity

    Take on the souls of the weapons ! More vanity yee! The first one is here Sunfury Manifestation crafted from: 3 sunfury in total! 1 sunfury per piece of vanity more vanity soon!Next up Excaliber!
  5. Otaku

    Golem Vanity

    Part 3 of the monster vanity suggestion Dropped from Golem 20% chance for each piece full set on would look like this Description:"The mold on this has started to creep into crevices that are better left unknown " Previous Vanity Suggestion (Devourerer) Previous Vanity Suggestion (Wyvern)
  6. Otaku

    Corruption Blade

    Weapon Suggestion!(Tried to make the weapon look like a corrupter atleast similar to) Corruption Blade Stats: Speed:Fast 50 Damage Effect:Mini corruptor Spirits come forth and act like a homing missile but its a small smoke poof and disappear on impact Description:"Theres enough corruption for...
  7. Otaku

    Wyvern Vanity

    Part 2 of the monster vanity suggestion Dropped from Wyvern 5% chance for each piece full set on would look like this Description:"If you are a dragon slayer who's reading this do not try to breath fire ; you will look stupid and all the other monsters will laugh at you " Previous Vanity...
  8. Otaku

    Devourer Vanity

    New Suggest by ME :> Dropped from Devourer 6% chance for each piece I think they should add a vanity set based on the monsters I sprited this one for the devourer full set on would look like this Description:"You feel something nibbling at you"
  9. Otaku


    Introduction: Welcome one and all to this new forum game of mine this forum game takes place in the world of DBZ in a alternate timeline that includes all you guys the forumers , it enables you to become great just by doing a tedious amount of training and doing activitys. You can increase your...
  10. Otaku

    Boss Divine Enequator Dragon

    Spawn Message: You hear the ground breaking apart something is coming your way! He has shown us his divine presence and now its time to take up arms and to commence the fight to the death! Enequator Dragon AI:Shoots flaming chunks of fire Explodes the land at which he hits Note:After Boss...
  11. Otaku

    The Three Brothers

    Name: The Three Brothers Monster Type: Boss HP: 5000 for the spear man,6000 for the scythe,7000 for the puncher Damage: 25 Damage by the spear man,30 by the scythe ,50 By The Puncher AI: The three using different styles of attacks try to kill you Spawning Conditions: Spawns by using the strange...
  12. Otaku

    Deaths Personal Collection

    Look: Name: Deaths Personal Collection Set Bonus:30 Defense (30% Critical Hit Damage) Helm: 30 Def Body: 40 Def Boots: 30 Def Pants: 30 Def Crafting Station: Adamantite Anvil Crafting Materials:Cobalt x 30,Hellstone x 20,30 Soul Of Fright
  13. Otaku

    Trooper Garments

    Look: Name: Trooper Battle Armor Set Bonus:30 Defense (10% Move Speed) Helm: 15 Def Body: 20 Def Boots: 15 Def Pants: 15 Def Crafting Station:Iron Anvil Crafting Materials:Cobalt x 30,Hellstone x 20
  14. Otaku


    Name: Slenderman Monster Type: Mini Boss HP: 3000 Damage: 20 AI: Teleports around your perimeter and trys to murder your face off Spawning Conditions: Spawns at 12:00 PM and only within that hour Look:
  15. Otaku

    Otakus Pixel Art

    Otaku's Pixel Art Pixels and more, okay just pixels. But alas traveler that is good enough. Weapons Armor NPCS Monsters Items To be made Requests Edits
  16. Otaku

    TV Anime General Discussion

    Discuss the realm of anime here Discussion.Either that be what your watching,your favorite Anime favorite type of character whatever that it might be discuss it here:cool:
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