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  1. Digitus

    The truth of the Guide.

    (Remember, this is JUST a theory, its not the real truth its just a theory about the guide, its not canon) I have a theory of the guide so that you can never sleep again >:D (No, I'm not serious xd) The guide is a revealed cultist of the lord of the moon and wants the terrarian to kill the lord...
  2. Digitus

    Working as Designed Plaguebringer cloak disappears when using a mount.

    When I use a mount (well, in this case I'm using the goat skull mount from the master mode wall of flesh), the plaguebringer armor set cape disappears. Here is a photo about it. I also notice that this happens with the other cloaks and capes. Im sorry if this was reported before.
  3. Digitus

    Ziron Mod

    Welcome to this post, this mod (still WIP) plans to add several things like: 4 biomes. 30 Armors. 12 new minerals. 80 accessories. 7 new NPCs. Post-Moon Lord content. Much Lore. 12 Bosses. And several things that have not yet been decided. Currently looking for coders and spriters. Anyone who...
  4. Digitus

    Mods for my next playthrough.

    Well, I asked Aurora and she told me to put it here, I think I did well. I am looking for mods to play the tmodloader again. I am looking for mods that give me good armor, that the bosses are not very difficult, i mean, I do not want them to die instantly, but that they are not like those of...
  5. Digitus

    Resolved Lunar Monolith visual.

    Having ... As I say, I don't know if this is intentional, but something happens with the lunar monoliths. For example, if I use one, I don't get the planet, so, well, here are two screenshots. One of the 1.4 And another before 1.4. Pre 1.4 1.4
  6. Digitus

    My town from 1.4

    Here is my villa from 1.4, still unfinished.
  7. Digitus

    My theory about the first fractal.

    Well, I was playing with Terrasaver, so I could get a few golf clubs, and looking around, I saw this. First fractal. And I thinking, and this sword? After doing some research, I saw that there were already people who had also seen it, and I also saw a message from the king of the tunnel that...
  8. Digitus

    [CLOSED] Digitus99 Vanity Shop

    Good morning, today I will tell you what this post is. You send me a photo of some anime character, or anything else (LESS NSFW) and I will turn it into a vanity, the requests are open, obviously, soon I will update the post again and I will give samples of my work. Requests: Open. Nor do I...
  9. Digitus

    Me in my psychologist consultation.

    I have already opened a psychologist consultation, now all that remains is to get clients. -And who are the ones up there? -Perfect life models.
  10. Digitus

    Congratulations for 1.4!

    This is something i made for 1.4,but since the forums crashed... (THANK YOU,XD) So...Enjoy it.
  11. Digitus

    **REPORTED** Infinite time to re-appear.

    Well,i was in dark gaming,and when i entered in pvp, i died, and the message is :The normal dead message and an insane time of waiting,2326233,i can play with other characters,but that was my main character. I cant enter in my worlds with that character.
  12. Digitus

    What was the first thing you did when 1.4 came out?

    I represent what I did in a video, the video is not mine, it is from teran hoya. Me sealing my room so that it doesn't bother me in a nutshell xd
  13. Digitus

    The fallen field.

    Lore for a new biome. The fallen field. Long ago, humans had conflict with the pillar kings, to which both responded violently to the conflict, sending their best troops and knights, the fight was devastating, destroying several cities, destroying countries, corrupting Those who did not believe...
  14. Digitus

    The Doors of the Void (Calamity mod fanfiction)

    Hello person, or whatever sees this, i am going to update this thread with a new story, obviously, i am going to continue it, i will try to post chapters daily, and i will try to make things better. (Yes, since i am mostly spanish i will translate it, if anyone finds any errors, please say it.)
  15. Digitus

    So ... I need help finding something.

    A while ago, I downloaded a mod that had something similar to obsidian armor but something more like, robotic, bone, robotic obsidian armor, silver colors ... If anyone knows what mod it is, tell me , It is something similar to the vanilla obsidian armor, I remember that with what was done the...
  16. Digitus

    How i feel when an admin talks to me.

    Oh fck- Photo is not mine,is from a spanish youtuber named Auronplay,before you ask.
  17. Digitus

    The adventure begins. (Calamity mod)

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my new fanfiction, based on the calamity mod and various characters I invented, including mine ... Ha. I know that nobody will be interested, but if someone is interested, well, here are my characters ... (What the hell am I doing with my life? If nobody is...
  18. Digitus

    My first time in terraria in a video... (XD)

    This is my first time in terraria,explained,by a video. This video was made by Violent Temper,but its like how my first terraria run was. This is not mine,i just used it because it was me in my first terraria play.
  19. Digitus

    I present to you ... Madness.

    <Content removed by staff>
  20. Digitus

    I present to you ... Ladies and gentlemen ... The new final boss ... (No, not really)

    I present to you Infrus, my new final boss for terraria, it has 5 parts, the heart and the eyes of the hands. I hope you like it. I dont own the sprites,only the idea,i made it with paint. <Content removed by staff>
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