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  1. RandomAxolotl

    Xbox One Game crashing when I play + map reset?

    I try start up my world and I can’t get any further than my boss arena, which was where I’ve set my spawn point, without crashing. I have also noticed that my map has completely reset, and I can’t see anything except for my boss arena. I can’t figure out what caused this.
  2. RandomAxolotl

    Story A terrarian and some twins

    NOTICE this is a wip story. there will be chapters, epilogue and prologue :islime: :islime: cliffhanger again! Sorry for the long wait, but thanks for being patient!
  3. RandomAxolotl

    Pixel Art SCREEEEEE

    Put eye of Cthulhu transformation gifs / animations here that u made :D here’s mine ( I was too lazy to do the tentacle things on him lol) :
  4. RandomAxolotl

    Pixel Art Pixel art bosses and enemies and items!

    I do (slightly bad) Pixel art. You can ask me to draw stuff in replies :D RULES No super advanced stuff (ie : realistic eater of worlds) No non terraria stuff No NPCs. I will make NPCs in my spare time. YOU CAN You can...
  5. RandomAxolotl

    Expert mode play through by u guys!

    You guys reply with answers to my questions. No trolling with this power. If you have a challenge, you can recommend it. Enjoy this power :) Vote for evil biome :D
  6. RandomAxolotl

    Console Builds by me, an axolotl :D

    Sorry for bad quality, it’s based off of a Skyrim house. It’s my Tavern keepers house
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