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  1. cuarenta y dos

    tModLoader The Spectreblight Mod (Now in Mod Browser!)

    Spectreblight Mod The Spectreblight Mod made by GildedSoupe, is a mod that is currently WIP, but plans to add new challenges and a story mode feel to the game. Note: This mod is not made for gameplay use yet. Do not use without Cheat Sheet, Hero's Mod, or any other "creative mode" mod. Most of...
  2. cuarenta y dos

    tModLoader This is the Terraria Spectreblight Mod!

    Spectreblight Mod The Spectreblight Mod or GoldenCraft's Spectreblight Mod made by GoldenCraft, is a mod that adds new, gamechanging content to Terraria. Additions The Spectreblight Mod will add in two new weapon classes, a multitude of weapons, bosses, and items, 3 new events, a new biome, and...
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