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  1. Loveme

    PC An Ongoing Collection

    . . Hello, this is Ravens, These are my builds. . . . 2022 Still the Highlight [/spoiler] . . . VENT Texture Pack A compilation of textures. Some mine. Some from other packs. For those who asked: Texture Pack . . . Archives [/spoiler] [/SPOILER] [/spoiler] 2021...
  2. Loveme

    How to meet Aurora's B2 Standards (Designer)

    Use rainbow bricks. Note: Here, I’m referring to the Builder ranks in Aurora. B1 is Builder, the most basic in the hierarchy. B2 is Designer, the next ring up. The last one is B3, Architect, which takes an extensive application of techniques described here, plus a bit more. The truth is...
  3. Loveme

    PC Focused Light (like spotlights)

    Building in Terraria is a lot of fun and very flexible, but every now and then, you come across a situation where you wish there could be a bit more visual ambiance to it. Like sunrays or spotlights, specifically. Either peering through the windows of a tall castle or on a brilliant stage...
  4. Loveme

    Adventure Fragments: Chapter 1 (in need of builders)

    Fragments Fragments is a fantasy-based adventure map where two spirits are forced to wonder a world in hopes of finding a way to transcend into the afterlife. You awaken alive, body intact. Your partner, on the other hand, isn't so lucky. The world is more complicated than that, and if you're...
  5. Loveme

    Pixel Art Just an Alpaca

    I may have gotten lazy on the last one... But of course, with every good alpaca (or three) needs a joke! What did the alpaca say before he went off to his adventure? "Alpaca lunch" I think he was the one who got.. roasted... :3 It's just another Alpaca, that's all. Oh yeah, I took the alpacas...
  6. Loveme

    Just a Standardized Local Tree with Christmas Ornaments

    Just another tree. Damn, those things go round fast. Well, I suppose that I don't have to linger and best get on the point. Introduction: Heyo! Bzzt! But seriously though, a bit about myself is that I do like jokes, something to laugh with or even just chuckle. So crack that smile and be like...
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