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  1. Turtlee

    tModLoader Crystilium mod.

    Using the full screen map and hovering over the fountain with the mouse will crash the game instead of showing it's name like it does for torches and other things
  2. Turtlee

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    The ogre boss from the old ones army event does not seem to be dropping it's treasure bag.
  3. Turtlee

    tModLoader Elements Awoken

    In my multiplayer world, the void leviathan only spawns as a head. Is this common?
  4. Turtlee

    tModLoader Consolaria

    Summoning Turkor in multiplayer causes him to spawn but instantly despawn when hit, not dropping rewards. Summoning Lepus in multiplayer causes the summoner to be unable to see/hurt him.
  5. Turtlee

    tModLoader Reduced Grinding

    Having the chest in my inventory at the same time as the lock box works perfectly, thank you for the help and quick response time. Love your mod, keep up the great work.
  6. Turtlee

    tModLoader Crystilium mod.

    Encountering a bug that hard crashes the game when viewing the biome and inspecting closely for the fountain
  7. Turtlee

    tModLoader Reduced Grinding

    I have opened every biome chest in my world, still no luck with these biome lock boxes :( Any suggestions for getting them open for me?
  8. Turtlee

    tModLoader Reduced Grinding

    This does not seem to work for me, I have tried every vanilla key and a few other modded keys with no luck. I am past moon lord and have opened every chest in the dungeon, am I doing something wrong?
  9. Turtlee

    tModLoader Reduced Grinding

    How do I open the Biome Lock Box?
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