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  1. ImPaCtive

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    I've got a new image, apperently the corruption decided that it would be fun to push the dungeon almost all the way down to hell ._.
  2. ImPaCtive

    PC Corruption overtook dungeon after entering hardmode

    After entering hardmode, i noticed that the dungeon had been completely destroyed by the corruption as seen on the image. The dungeon mobs can still spawn in it, it's just that it's harder for them to do so because they have a much smaller space to do it on. It'll take forever for me to farm...
  3. ImPaCtive

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    I have this world that doesn't like to go by the rules: No wonder it felt like it was missing 2 or 3 floating islands... We've got a rogue chest on the loose! (Different Map)
  4. ImPaCtive

    What would you do if Terraria became real?

    I'd choose the softcore difficulty and then rush the ranger set. Causing mayhem all over me with such.
  5. ImPaCtive

    All Boss: The Comic

    I like it :]
  6. ImPaCtive

    tAPI Ingame Cheat Menu

    'tAPI has stopped working' <- Everytime i try to enter a server
  7. ImPaCtive

    Member-Run Contest Malaana's super fun happy new forum raffle thing!

    I'll take 15 ^^ And Terraria really is a good gift
  8. ImPaCtive

    PC Extra mobility boots.

    Also probably best to say that holding S will also make you not float, cause then trying to enter your own house would be a pain xD
  9. ImPaCtive

    PC Extra mobility boots.

    Indeed. But while holding S on the heavyweight boots it should make it so that you can't move + the more defense you have the faster you would drop, dealing more damage.
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