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  1. DragonWitch⨂

    IC '_World of Wolves_'

    Welcome to the world of wolves! a dimension where wolves reign over all, and humans might have never existed. This is a peaceful land most of the time, but recently a great tragedy has struck. A war is breaking out between the canines and prey animals, and something powerful and mysterious and...
  2. DragonWitch⨂

    OOC '_World of Wolves_'

    Welcome to the OOC for my first roleplay! I really like wolves, probably more than people, so I decided to make a roleplay dedicate to them! hope you enjoy and have fun! Rules: 1: Non-Wolf OCs are allowed, just try to keep it down to 3. 2: You can have up to 5 characters. 3: nothing sexual. if...
  3. DragonWitch⨂

    Drawings & Paintings Post your art!

    Even if your art isn't that great to you, you're still trying, that's what counts! so post your art here, and let everyone appreciate it! Please try not to be negative towards others, and If anyone says they would like some tips, do your best to provide them!
  4. DragonWitch⨂


    Share the most random photo you can find! I'll start.
  5. DragonWitch⨂

    Ask A Beta Wolf anything

    Hi! I'm a Beta who found a computer and i'm looking for questions from the hoomans! ((this thread is supposed to be light-hearted and fun))
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