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  1. PastaLaVista

    tModLoader Craftable Developer Items

    Are you doing a modded playthrough? Have you farmed the Destroyer 100 times and gotten every single developer set except that one set you're actually looking for? I have. I'm not kidding. I don't mind the grind in vanilla, but in modded the focus to me lies more with the new content than the...
  2. PastaLaVista

    PC Can't run the game on desired monitor in borderless (dual-monitor setup)

    To put this simply: I upgraded from a single-monitor 1080p setup this summer to a dual-monitor setup with a new 1440p monitor as my main and the old 1080p monitor as secondary. But apparently, when playing with 100% zoom in fullscreen on a 1440p monitor the game looks, to be frank, terrible due...
  3. PastaLaVista

    PC Add an accessory that makes Prismatic Lacewings more common

    Basically what the title says. I'm currently playing through the game as a summoner, so naturally I want to be able to use the Terraprisma. However, it's becoming increasingly tempting to cheat/duplicate for Lacewings, since I'm typically only able to acquire 2-3 of them each night due to the...
  4. PastaLaVista

    Problem with my Signature

    Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but it was the only section I found with the word "help" in it, so I'll just go for it. Since a few weeks back I've been having problems with my signature. Basically, whenever I try to fix it, I make it so it looks like this: But whenever I...
  5. PastaLaVista

    Flight Potion and more!

    So upon exploring the jungle with my most recent mage character in hope of killing the Golem a couple of times more, I was awarded with an Eye of the Golem. Realizing that the extra crit chance would assist me quite a bit, I decided that it would make an excellent swap-in for my Lightning Boots...
  6. PastaLaVista

    PC Craftable Lihzahrd traps

    When I decided to make an arena for the Pumpkin/Frost Moon event I realized I would need a lot more Flame Traps than what I already had, which was around 2-3. In order to get the 24 Flame Traps I required I went through around ~12 small worlds just to get them. Was it worth the effort? Well yes...
  7. PastaLaVista

    The One and Only has entered the forums!

    Hello everyone. OneOnlyDan here, ready to embrace the awesomeness that is the new official Terraria forums. I'm ready to have an awesome time here while we patiently await the 1.3 update. :) My favourite playstyle is playing a mage :3 What's yours?
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