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  1. rhebok

    Mob Is Spider

    Mob Is Spider Turns 'some' mobs into spiders. DO NOT install if you don't like spiders. The goal is to turn every NPC into a spider (given that it is possible within the size limitations). For now only basic slimes are spiders. Showcase Installation Download the texture pack. Extract the...
  2. rhebok


    VisibleCursor Replaces the cursor with one that is more visible in my opinion. There are two versions : Darkest - Has black border that can't be colored. Without the border the outline is white and can be colored. Color - Has white border that can be colored. Without the border the outline is...
  3. rhebok

    PC Texture pack specifics for 1.4+

    Texture pack specifics for 1.4+ This thread explains specific points about creating a texture pack for 1.4+ it doesn't explain how to create a texture pack in-depth. For guides on how to create texture packs refer to the links at the bottom. The icon.png file This image replaces the default...
  4. rhebok

    Pixel Art Book of my Terraria Pixel Art

    I made this thread to show all my Terraria-related pixel art. Black Star Rock Shooter weapons Cowboy Mini color tutorial Remake of a friends sprite Goblets Malachite, Onyx, Opal, Painite, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Spinel, Topaz Wroggi Armor Goblin Sorcerer Bunch of weapons...
  5. rhebok

    WIP Pixel Art of Terraria

    Q.A. Visual guide, feel free to ask questions / request more
  6. rhebok

    Pixel Art Geneen - Resprites, Requests and more!

    Welcome to the not-so-grand Re-opening of my thread. Old thread can be viewed in the spoiler at the very bottom. Requests are open I will decide whether I'd like to fullfill it or not, and also please keep them simple. I will lean more towards abstract art.
  7. rhebok

    Initiate forum program 32;

    Hello ladies & gentlemen, It is very nice to see the new forums gain life so fast! I used to lurk around the old forums a lot, my username was Geneen & as you can see I've changed it to Engeen now, mainly because a lot of people think Geneen is a girls' name. I'm a student, I live in France &...
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