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  1. Squideer

    Panic Necklace, Lava Waders & Flower Boots additional crafting paths

    While I do enjoy using these on a new playthrough, They simply never end up going anywhere useful or are outclassed by options once Hardmode is reached. Even the Tiger Climbing Claws saw an end-game recipe, So why not give these a shot? Adrenaline Rush: Cross Necklace + Panic Necklace...
  2. Squideer

    Terraria & Dungeon Defenders Crossover

    Context for those unaware.
  3. Squideer

    Grapple Hook: Sticky Hand

    The Sticky Hand, As the name implies, Is a rubberised hand covered in a sticky substance that is surprisingly effective for grabbing onto things. (Objects, Enemies, And player's alike). It has an 11.11% drop chance from the Moon Lord. Has a range of 33 brick lengths. Latching onto an object...
  4. Squideer

    Better Ruler/Fishing Super Accessory

    Honestly I love to use these, But I just don't see the point in carrying them around with me. There are times where I do need those extra few spots in my Safe/Piggy Bank, Which ultimately leads me to not utilize these. It happened with the PDA, And the Architect Gizmo Pack, Can this please...
  5. Squideer

    Feature's you've never fully experienced in the game.

    Terraria has a lot of content, On both the exploration and building aspect. However with so much content, I'd imagine some people have never actually ended up using/seeing some of it. (Unless you're a Completionist, In which case feel free to gloat) More of a poll really than anything, What...
  6. Squideer

    Mechanic: The Turret Update

    This has been bugging me for a while, Really ever since I found a Snowball Launcher within minutes of launching Terraria since the 1.2 update. Turrets could be a completely new type of Ranged class, Requiring steady platforms, Being able to disassemble and reassembling their weapons, And a bit...
  7. Squideer

    A Belated Beginning

    Probably should have done this a couple weeks back, Didn't cross my mind. Hello fellow Terraria community members, I go by the alias "Squideer", I'll leave it up to you whether that's pronounced "Squid-deer", "Squid-ear", "Squi-deer", and other various selections. (Or even decide what a...
  8. Squideer

    Underground Silt-Pits, Collapsed houses and broken items.

    The idea of this biome really would be compiled mainly of silt blocks, A few "rotten wood" blocks (Variation like Living Wood), and various destroyed pieces of furniture, Including items found in Treasure Chests. I'll explain these shortly. (This also the rare chance of happening with...
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