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  1. Chrysalis Σ

    OOC A Subcontinent in Ruins

    Thanks to @Dragonwolf73 and @Ivyss for fixing the original post. [/SPOILER] If you have any questions or additions you'd like, go ahead.
  2. Chrysalis Σ

    Resolved What are the limits on advertising a thread?

    A few times in the past, I would have quick one-off profile posts advertising threads of interest I made. I usually limit myself to one post per thread, but I was thinking of doing another one for a thread I re-opened. I'd just like to know what rules there are on this, and what rules to avoid...
  3. Chrysalis Σ

    Other Literature A Case File on the CSS Corporation

    (Around 2019, I started working on the backstory and actions of a prototype faction, which was used in several of my attempts at RPs in Minecraft. At the time, I hadn't fully decided on a proper name, but I knew that it would work kind of like the Umbrella Corporation, except it actually tries...
  4. Chrysalis Σ

    OOC Writings on the Walls: An Urban Fantasy RP

    The basic structure and plot frame of this RP will be established first. Any future additions can be discussed here, and will be edited in. Feel free to discuss possible additions in this thread, the IC will be posted when we're ready. I will only shut down an idea if it breaks forum...
  5. Chrysalis Σ

    OOC The Protected City

    This will be a sort-of "experimental" RP, as I haven't really done something with this kind of setting before, that being one with almost zero fantastical elements (Zero Dark Fifty doesn't count, it had plenty of fantasy). For the most part (except for some tech imported from today), this will...
  6. Chrysalis Σ

    tModLoader tModLoader won't download mods no matter what

    I recently re-downloaded tModLoader on Steam, and it just absolutely refuses to download mods no matter what I do. Add small mods? Won't work. Turn on experimental features? Won't work. Adding them directly to the mod pack folder? Won't :red:ing work. I swear, tModLoader just won't work on Mac at...
  7. Chrysalis Σ

    OOC The Borders (OOC)

    I'm back again, with another failure. This time, I'm doing an experiment of an RP. No provided backstory, no restraints. Make up your own, or don't. Here's the most basic of context required. You, and [INVALID NUMBER] others are at the border of the [DATA CORRUPTED] system. There is not much...
  8. Chrysalis Σ

    IC Zero Dark Fifty (IC)

    And so, the RP begins...
  9. Chrysalis Σ

    OOC Zero Dark Fifty (OOC)

    [/SIZE] [/SPOILER]
  10. Chrysalis Σ

    Resolved Can I cancel a username change request?

    So, earlier today, I sent a username change request intended to be an April Fool's Day joke. I then remembered you can't change your username until 30 days have passed, and I am hoping to take that back somehow. Any ideas as to how to accomplish this?
  11. Chrysalis Σ

    What would be a funny joke character for a video game?

    The premise is simple. Name the concept for the character, and the genre of game they'd be in. You may add other details, such as a name, appearance, or other stuff. They must be intended as a joke. They can be useful in some way if you want, but they must be at the very least, a funny concept...
  12. Chrysalis Σ

    IC An Unexpected Turn

    So, this is the IC thread. OOC thread is here.
  13. Chrysalis Σ

    OOC An Unexpected Turn.

    IC thread is here. Just so everybody knows, this is a collaboration project with @Dragonwolf73. He'll serve as another moderator to this RP, and will basically run the place unless he's absent (considering my schedule and tendency to do too many things at once). Anyways, here's the story. The...
  14. Chrysalis Σ

    IC No Turning Back...

    (This is the IC. @someone that needs help, @Animus Viral, @RazorBlade, @Ganransu, and @Wisp95, it's ready!)
  15. Chrysalis Σ

    OOC No Turning Back...

    While reading the following paragraph, I'd suggest listening to some epic-sounding music. Maybe something close to this: The Pyrite Plateau... An area well known for it's mineral wealth, and natural hostility. Infamous for the constant struggle between the Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow. But...
  16. Chrysalis Σ

    The Looter-Shooter Talk Thread

    So, I've searched the forums a bit, looking for discussion threads about games, and decided to make a thread about the Borderlands series. But only like, 2 people would understand anything said in it, so I've decided... Why not make a thread about all looter shooter-style games? The definition...
  17. Chrysalis Σ

    Resolved Why am I banned from changing my profile picture as well?

    If I'm banned from profile posts, why am I banned from changing my profile picture as well? It makes no sense. I'm fine with just being banned from profile posts, but WHAT LOGIC DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO BAN ME FROM CHANGING MY PROFILE PICTURE AS WELL? If this is an error, I hope it gets fixed soon.
  18. Chrysalis Σ

    Humorous The somewhat neutralists barracks

    Here's a place to rival the other "armies" and to share your (violently) neutral thoughts about things.
  19. Chrysalis Σ

    Single Thread RP Borderlands: A Pandoran Adventure

    Basically, it's mostly a retelling of Borderlands with less rules on how reality works. In other words, you can use whoever or whatever you want, as long as it isn't OP and you don't powergame. Obviously based off the Borderlands series. If you have questions, go ahead and ask. If you still...
  20. Chrysalis Σ

    IC A Tale of Two Countries (IC)

    Link to the OOC I never thought I'd get this far, but here goes. Information about the RP and all are in the OOC. Just choose a starting location or whatever. Both main locations have plenty of rural areas.
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