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  1. Terry N. Muse

    tModLoader Apotheosis & Friends

    This mod is a laid-back bundle of miscellaneous content I've made. It mainly adds a variety of items, such as weapons, pets, music boxes, the Super Dummy, and the eponymous Apotheosis family. As requested, this page will detail the contents of the mod. Apotheosis & Friends contains cross-mod...
  2. Terry N. Muse

    PC Dairy Free: The Cheeseless Moon Lord In-Depth

    You know what grinds my gears? Tutorials that don't actually teach me anything about the subject, especially ones that simply tell me to build some sort of contraption to cheese a boss and hope for the best. "Hide in a box with the Nurse and let your Stardust Dragon deal with it," that sort of...
  3. Terry N. Muse

    PC What's Game Progression? An In-Depth Guide to Jungle Temple Early

    Let's get this out of the way real quick. No, you cannot fight Golem without killing Plantera. No, this is not practical. No, you cannot summon a Solar Eclipse pre-hardmode. No, you will not get any real loot out of this. But yes, you will get access to Lihzahrd traps and have uses for them...
  4. Terry N. Muse

    PC Unchanged Solid FPS, But Terrible Input Lag after Windows Update.

    Roughly a week or two ago, I installed a Windows 10 Update; I don't recall whether it was specifically the Anniversary, Creators, or another update, but it seemed fairly publicized (received notifications and e-mails about it - not sure where the e-mail went...). Since then, I've encountered...
  5. Terry N. Muse

    PC Seeking Rods of Discord.

    Despite extreme attempts at Underground Hallow grinding using hoiks and all the fun tricks and gadgets, the Rod of Discord continues to elude me. Can answer to almost any conceivable price in platinum coins or Luminite/Celestial Fragments (though please try to be reasonable). Moon Lord drops...
  6. Terry N. Muse

    PC Luminite (and possibly other) Brick Expansion

    Looking at the various bricks available, it seems as though some receive greater attention over others. For instance, Demonite and Crimtane Bricks can only be crafted into their respective walls and back, but Obsidian Bricks can also be crafted into platforms. Although Obsidian furniture is...
  7. Terry N. Muse

    PC Taming the Big Green Fish Pig Dragon

    Look, I get it. You've just beaten the Wall of Flesh in Expert Mode and unleashed the power of light and dark into the world. With them comes the promise of exciting new gameplay, tougher enemies, more rewards! Except everyone is too strong, and the armour that served you so well an hour ago...
  8. Terry N. Muse

    PC [Question] The Piercing, the Luminite, and the Ichor

    Hey guys, I've been playing Terraria mostly within a small circle of friends. Was introduced to the concept of hoiks through Yrimir's videos some time ago and began poking around on my own from there. Things like the underlying mechanics of games (and how players learn to make full use of them)...
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