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  1. Chisaki

    WIP MutliWeapon Thread

    goofy banner will be made at about 5-15 items. This thread is under serious work-in-progress. all pixel art done by me ( they aren't that great but it's a start ) Welcome to my suggestion thread for weapons that randomly just come into my mind! I welcome all criticism, I'm looking to make pixel...
  2. Chisaki

    how to add a reference on visual code studio?

    Hello, new to making mods. like the title of this thread I am having a problem trying to find out how to add references to visual code (somethings like these , trying to get that small menu thing where I can see the available options and stuff) sorry if this just turns out to be something simple :o
  3. Chisaki

    tModLoader Error CS0246 D:

    Hi all, I wanted to be able to use the glow armor in Starbound as some sort of vanity for my playthrough so I: followed youtube tutorials on how to make Tmodloader armor, etc. here is the result: results in a c:\Users\<derp>\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod...
  4. Chisaki

    PC friend gets disconnected after a while of playing.

    hello, whenever I play with my friend who lives in the same country as me (Philippines) he gets disconnected either -- almost instantly as he joins or after a while. this didn't happen before -- now it's happening and its getting super annoying . > . , meanwhile my friends from abroad can...
  5. Chisaki

    tModLoader OneShot Mod! [TerraShot]

    Hi All , just wanted to post my Beta mod for terraria! Terrashot (originaly just Named "OneShot" but... uhh... i ran a few problems with the codes, textures and everything and ended up recreating it :p last one was a mess XD ) Currently has 1 NPC (niko himself) and 2 Items (LightBulb...
  6. Chisaki

    Hiya! (=^w^)/

    hello , <.< please don't judge meh by the name, i LITERALLY had no idea what i should put soo.............. whatevah! (o-o) i hope we can become great friends!! ( :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 ) smokebomb, lols o/
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