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  1. ZemmySix

    [Sprites] Platinum Throne!

    Hi. Just a quick suggestion I whipped up. Platinum Throne: 30x 20x Golden Throne: 30x 20x Quite surprised nobody has suggested this before XD. Bye!
  2. ZemmySix

    Balancing Early Game weapons And Armor.

    Well, this doesn't need all that much explaining. Basically the idea is to put the old early-game ore weapons and armor on par with the new ones. E.g The copper broadsword's damage will be raised to 9. I think that's all for now. Bye! P.S I did search before posting.
  3. ZemmySix

    [Sprites] A Change To Flying Snakes!

    So, the idea is to make the flying snake: have a second form, much like the slimer, the flying snake (now called the Jungle Viper) will lose its wings and slither along the ground attempting to charge the player. So: Jungle Viper Damage: 45 Defence: 14 Health: 200 It will now inflict: So...
  4. ZemmySix

    [Sprites] The Spray Tan Can

    Hello! Today I have a suggestion for terraria that allows you to change your skin colour! The Spray Tan Can: This is an item sold by the stylist for a reasonable 5 gold. Right clicking on it will bring up an interface, specifically this interface: And will allow you to move the sliders to...
  5. ZemmySix

    [Sprites] A New Frost Legion Enemy

    Is the frost legion a bit empty? The only answer to that is: "Yes". So what I propose is to add a different enemy, a unique enemy to the frost legion. Here he is: Hp: 200 Damage: Contact: 20 Dynamite: 80 Defence: 20 Attack pattern: The demo man will chuck dynamite (the one in his hand, not the...
  6. ZemmySix

    [Sprites] Wall clocks!

    Now, I love the grandfather clocks but I think it would be just that bit cooler if you could craft wall clocks as well! These would: function the same as grandfather clocks; be 2x2 blocks large, and require the same crafting ingredients. Frozen Wall Clock: 3 iron or lead bars, 6 glass and 10...
  7. ZemmySix

    [Sprites] More Animated Crafting Stations!

    So yeah. I think that since the furnace has fire in it it should move around and not just stay still. Here are the examples I've made for the standard furnace, The adamantite and titanium forges, And of course the hellforge, I also animated the dye vat: And the crystal ball:
  8. ZemmySix

    My Dragons!

    My Dragons! Requests are Open! I will be taking requests!
  9. ZemmySix

    Pixel Art Zemmy's Pixel Art

    Zemmy6`s Sprite Thread Welcome to my sprite thread! I will post the pixel art I have/going to make here. As for requests I will be taking them, though I'm best at animals and they will be better quality than other things! So on with the sprites: Armours! Weapons...
  10. ZemmySix

    More wire cutters!

    The title is kind of self-explanatory, there should be more wire cutters. This would allow you to only destroy green wire with a green wire cutter, saving time. Also more wrenches would be cool such as yellow and purple allowing for more complex junctions. Examples of new wire cutters:
  11. ZemmySix

    PS3 Christmas capture the gem!

    I've decided to host a Christmas capture the gem! You will need to give me your psn before the 15th of december. The event will be hosted on the 18th of december. You will get your own storage for items as everyone will be using a set kit. See you there! And happy Christmas! Full health is...
  12. ZemmySix

    DNA extractor!

    Hello, this something small that I posted onto a thread, and I've decided to expand on it. This really could go either way for support but I'm going to try it out anyway. The basic idea is that you craft a syringe and extract essence, or DNA and put it into a DNA extractor which gives you the...
  13. ZemmySix

    PS3 Airlock!

    This is how it works: The switch on the pillar opens the outer door, which brings water in, you then close the door using the switch on the left of the timer. The timer itself activates three pumps pumping the water back into the source. Finally, the switch on the right of the timer opens the...
  14. ZemmySix

    PS3 WTB The Axe

    I will not trade with cheaters!:indifferent: My psn is Zemmysix. In return you can have anything you want.
  15. ZemmySix

    My suggestions of which I suggest

    I will post all my ideas from over time here. DNA extractor! This a really big suggestion about stealing traits from enemies! And of course, Science! http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/dna-extractor.6399/#post-179970 Plinths! Ever wanted to have a more advanced way of playing capture...
  16. ZemmySix


    I accidentally said no to eula and I can't play with my friend does anyone know how to accept it?
  17. ZemmySix

    Plinths: A New Way Of Playing Capture The Gem

    Capture the gem is a really fun game! However at the moment it only has one item, the large gem. I propose that we add a plinth on which you could place the gem. Concept: The gem would appear above the plinth and look as large as it does above the player when it is in their inventory. We would...
  18. ZemmySix

    Luckiest find?

    My luckiest find was the whoopie cushion on my first giant worm kill.
  19. ZemmySix

    The Forest: Lets Make It A Little Less Boring

    Hello, welcome to the expansion of the forest! This thread will mostly be based around the introduction of bees and bee hives as well as some other stuff. Beehives: Crafting: Hives are placed below a block much like Chinese lanterns except they are 3x 2x in size.Bee hives are crafted from (5)...
  20. ZemmySix


    Hello and welcome to another suggestion! Today well be discussing a new flamethrower idea, I mean is there any one who doesn't like holding a stick that's jets out fire that burns anything in its path? Chiminea Damage:45 knockback:none Velocity:3 (insanely fast) Crafting...
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