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  1. Lanky

    Xbox Series S/X Sometimes items and coins go under blocks

    So I was playing terraria had a huge blood moon coin profit but for some reason the copper coin I found was under a few blocks even though there’s blocks under it. items I am not 100% sure so take that with a grain of salt but coins I can confirm screenshot will be included btw I use the series x
  2. Lanky

    Bring the Cthulhu as a boss

    Yes I know this is a scrapped boss but I think it would be a great as a true final boss fight after the moon lord since the moon lord almost looks just like the Cthulhu. This would be great to add in 1.4.4 to show the history of scrapped bosses in terraria let’s make this an actual boss so we...
  3. Lanky

    Switch There is a typo on where’s my honey achievement

    I circled the word that was a typo
  4. Lanky

    Console this guide will be for every platform that has 1.3.2 and up and a easy way to instantly beat the destroyer boss.

    so lets get started you will need two npcs one the party girl and the mechanic for the mechanic wire cutter a wrench 400 wires and a switch for the party girl choose a fire rocket color of your choice and get 3 or 4 stacks of fire rockets you will also need wood platforms i would bring 600 or...
  5. Lanky

    Switch looking for people to play on my new world

    hey all i was just want people to play with friend code is SW-7653-4910-1028
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