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  1. Nike Leon

    PC Wayward (by Unlok)

    I discovered this web browser game a long time ago and it's recently evolved a lot and will hopefully evolve even more soon! Since all of you are here I assume you like/love Terraria and this game scratches a similar itch for me. :) It's definitely much more focused on survival, considering it...
  2. Nike Leon

    Q&A With Nike Leon

    Hello, I'm open to most questions aside from personal info (name, address, anything I'm willing to share in that regard is already available on my profile). Not a fan of NSFW stuff or things that imply such a nature so keep it civil (silly is ok ;) )
  3. Nike Leon

    Official Art Request Megathread

    This is a thread for you to post a general art request to any and all artists on TCF. Rules and Guidelines: The standard Rules & Culture of TCF apply. Do not post or request pornographic or indecent imagery. Do not post to discuss art requests, whether praising or criticizing. Do not...
  4. Nike Leon

    Official Art Request Megathread Rule Suggestions/Discussion

    This thread is to discuss the current rules as well as alternatives to the rules for the Art Request Megathread over in the Terraria, Drawings, Paintings & Pixel Art section. We would love to hear from you the community as you are the ones who will be utilizing this thread the most :) Some...
  5. Nike Leon

    WIP The Drawing Station (making wire craftable)

    Note: This is supposed to be an additional means if acquiring wire. I'm not suggesting the mechanic no longer sells wire. It seems to me that there is little reason to fork up cash for wire when wire is generally made of copper and lets face it, copper is practically useless from the get go...
  6. Nike Leon

    What's Your Time Zone?

    Terraria is a worldwide phenomenon and so there are folks from all kinds of time zones here on TCF. I'm posting this in Forum games so those who want to participate, but aren't as wordy, can. Rules: TCF Rules & Culture come first and foremost as well as Non-Terraria Topics Sectional Rules...
  7. Nike Leon

    Please add "Insert Quotes" button to the post editing window

    Have you ever wanted to quote someone or respond to someone's message without double posting? Currently you have to hit Reply and copy and past the text or if you're doing multiple responses you have to do +Quotes into a new post and then cut and paste that into the edit window. I dunno about...
  8. Nike Leon

    Console What HAVEN'T you done on Terraria so far?

    I saw this over in PC General talk and saw no reason why it shouldn't be discussed here amongst us CONSOLE players as well :) Personally I've never played anything except softcore unless it was for a PvP I've never legit earned 100 platinum I've never gotten the Axe from Plantera or Rod of...
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