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  1. CTNC

    **REPORTED** Possible Error with the Shimmered Zoologist's Hand in one sprite

    In the first sprite below the walking animation sprites, the Shimmered Zoologist's front hand has different shading than every other frame she's not walking or sitting in. (The top one in this screenshot) I'm not sure which 1.4.4.X I extracted sprites from, so I said 1.4.4. (If you're...
  2. CTNC

    Ask me and my "Player Wannabe" and Psychotic Pacifist OCs anything

    Hi. I'm Climmy the Necromancer (or Noob) Cat, or CTNC for short, and I thought making an AMA would be fun. I have a habit of tying to be funny and tend to come up with random ideas out of nowhere, like suggesting that the Silent Fish Fishing Reward should try to sing when powered. My two...
  3. CTNC

    Make the Silent Fish try to sing when powered!

    This is a really stupid really minor idea about the (former) singing fish you can get from the Angler. I'm not going to say it's a good enough idea to be worth adding. At the very least, it's just a stupid enough idea to be worth saying. Make the Silent Fish flap its mouth and turn at the...
  4. CTNC

    Pet Backpack Piggy Bank Upgrade after getting Chester

    The Minecart Upgrade Kit fixed a problem with the Mechanical Minecart, that you couldn't have your favorite Minecart if you wanted the best one. (Unless your favorite was the Mechanical Minecart.) Chester is the best pet because they're also a Piggy Bank, which makes me have the same problem...
  5. CTNC

    Resolved Problems with Biome Pylons not always working in "Don't Dig Up" Seed

    I've got a weird problem in my world where you can teleport to and from the Forest and Ocean Pylons under the Aether's Shimmer lake but you can't teleport to them. It says the Pylon isn't in the right biome when you try to teleport to them. I've got a screenshot of where the Pylons are and a...
  6. CTNC

    **REPORTED** Flame Walker Boots have White Flames in Vanity Slots even with dye.

    The title sums it up. Wearing Flame Walker Boots in a Vanity Slot makes the flames white.
  7. CTNC

    Echo Dye

    It's pretty much what it sounds like. I'm suggesting an invisible dye. Aside for not having body parts, it could also hide Tackle Bags and Gizmo Packs that are stored in vanity slots. (Idea inspired by a glitch that makes your legs invisible if you have Silly Sunflower Bottoms and Frog Leg...
  8. CTNC

    Silly Sunflower Bottoms + Frog Leg = Invisible Legs

    Pretty much what the thread name says. Having the Silly Sunflower Bottoms and Frog Leg worn (and visible) at the same time makes your legs invisible. If anyone wants to use this glitch for vanity, use it while it lasts. Now that I think about it, why am I reporting this while bugs are being...
  9. CTNC

    Some Small Quality of Life Ideas (Updated June 10)

    I'll start with the idea I care about most. Please make it so your first Summon Weapon in your inventory automatically resummon your minions when you respawn like the Finch Staff does and/or let Summoning items be autoswing until you have your Max Minions so you don't have to click a ton of...
  10. CTNC

    Hard Mode ores are rare in the Underground Desert

    Hardmode Ores don't replace Hardened Sand or Sandstone when you smash Altars, which makes them rare in the desert. I wasn't sure if I should put this in the Suggestions or Bug Reports thread because it feels like an oversight instead of a glitch, especially because ores can replace Hive Blocks...
  11. CTNC

    **REPORTED** Old One's Army Enemies dropping Cascade Yoyo in Hell

    Good News for Bug Fixers: This looks very easy to fix if it's a bug. I was fighting the Old One's Army in Hell (Post Skeletron and Pre-Hard Mode) and I saw an enemy drop the Cascade Yoyo. It wasn't a normal Hell monster that dropped it. There was no Hell monsters near by. It was definitely an...
  12. CTNC

    Asking for a less revealing Zoologist shirt pack.

    Basically, the thread name. I don't think it's worth learning how to make Texture Packs just to edit 5 Pixels (Yes, I counted.) on her sprites...
  13. CTNC

    Guide to Plant Preservation (A Guide To Critter Companionship for grass, vines, ect.)

    (I'm not entirely sure if this idea belongs here or under Blocks & Decorations.) I've accidentally destroyed so many lake plants and vines hanging from living trees with my Imp Staff and Starfury. I know lillypads and reeds grow back eventually, but they're so beautiful it's almost depressing...
  14. CTNC

    Replantable Lillypads and Reeds

    The new water plants are beautiful, but so easy to destroy by accident. My Imp Staff and Starfury have destroyed all the reeds and at least half the lilypads, so I'd love a way to replant them. It also seems annoying that builders have to build around and protect natural ones instead of making a...
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