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  1. rf_illumination

    PC Modded Terraria Server - Moddaria

    Can a mod close this thread please, thank you. Seems strange I can't close my own thread?!
  2. rf_illumination

    tModLoader [SOLVED] Modding Help: Compiler Error

    SOLVED :D I had to use ModCompile_XNA rather than ModCompile_FNA (Releases · tModLoader/tModLoader). I have no idea what the difference is and why using the FNA library previously allowed me to compile mods. I'm so glad it's sorted though. Hey guys, i'm trying to edit and recompile AlchemistNPC...
  3. rf_illumination

    tModLoader 🌴 Moddaria 🟢 24/7 Public Modded Terraria Server

    Moddaria has closed for the foreseeable future due to personal circumstances. 🖥 Server Info Moddaria, a Modded Terraria server! Longest running Public 24/7 Dedicated Modded Server. Active playerbase and staff team. Build protection, custom features, events. Truly Dedicated to Modded Terraria...
  4. rf_illumination

    [Poll] How many mods do you use?

    I'm curious to see what the response is going to be. Is there a reason for your answer? Are you limited by computer resources or do you prefer a more vanilla experience with slight QoL improvements. I'm doing a playthrough at the moment with about 50+ mods and really enjoying it. Share your...
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