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  1. collcroc123

    Working as Designed "Dialogue" Is Misspelled in Credits

    In the credits of Terraria, when it gets to the people who worked on dialogue, the title is spelled as "Dialog"
  2. collcroc123

    tModLoader Chrystine Mod

    This mod hasn't even started yet so there's not much info to share yet! I'll start working on this mod and update this as I go. This may not be updated much, as I really only work on stuff like this whenever I feel like. Currently I'm starting out with some ores, and will upload some sprites...
  3. collcroc123

    PC Terraria and other Steam Games flicker and crash

    All of my Steam Games flash and glitch out when I open them! can anyone help out with this? Its been happening for about 2-3 weeks now, and it makes it so I cannot play any games. Please Help!
  4. collcroc123

    Resolved Terraria Will Not Open

    I own Terraria on Steam, and whenever I click on the Play button or the Desktop Shortcut, it will display the Steam "Running Game" popup for about a second, then will instantly stop. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and I haven't messed much with the files. I have Windows 10, and the...
  5. collcroc123

    PC Glitch with Fishing Achievements.

    For some reason, my fishing quest achievements keep resetting! I have done over 25 quests! (EDIT: I meant to post this on the bugs forum. :| )
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