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    PS4 Seasonal Instant Crash

    As you'll know it's currently Halloween season in Terraria (October 19th today). Certain NPCs sell various items during the Halloween and Christmas season, so I defeated the Frost Moon and was greeted with a day of both Halloween AND Christmas (perfect). I was curious how the NPCs would work...
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    PS4 (Fixed) Multiplayer Treasure Bag Issue

    When I play multiplayer with my friend over the internet, randomly after killing a boss instead of each getting our own treasure bag, one of us might randomly receive both players' bags, which is not supposed to happen.
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    PS4 Rainbow Rod Messes up Sprite Order

    I was farming for the Crimson key underground whilst in Journey mode and I was rapidly firing my Rainbow Rod at swarms of enemies near pools of Lava. I noticed that when I repeatedly attacked creatures with the rod, the sprites for the items normally hidden behind the lava began to "flicker"and...
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