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  1. AllWhitedOut

    Other Art Graytomo: A getting-to-know-yourself Scratch project

    You don't know yourself as well as you think you do! This is still in development so expect bugs. Download Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  2. AllWhitedOut

    Whiteout's Boss Bash: Cheating?

    My goal is to kill all the pre-hardmode bosses in the game. The problem is that I killed the Eye of Cthulhu in one world and killed the Eater of Worlds in another. Is that cheating?
  3. AllWhitedOut

    Terraria RP

    Terraria RP is where you roleplay about Terraria, as the name implies. Rules, just because "Don't be a hole" didn't cut it. No cursing This is Pre-hardmode unless specified by the dungeon master, so no hardmode stuff. No godmodding No hate of any kind You must have a character logged in the...
  4. AllWhitedOut

    Mobile Am I ready for hardmode?

    Do you think I should burn the doll yet? I have a Light's Bane, a boomerang, some bows and arrows. Some wooded armor, Jesus shoes (I call them that because they walk on water), a Dryad, a Spike Band of Regeneration, a Swift shackle (am I right or is it something else?) and a Miner helmet. And...
  5. AllWhitedOut

    Mobile It's-a me, Whiteout!

    My character name is Whiteout, my world name is Terraria. I am NOT new to the game, Terraria. My character is all white with the first hair. Now that you got to know me a little, you can go on your way.
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