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  1. Zerokk

    tModLoader The Twinkle

    Introduction Hello, everyone! I present to you a mod made by The Twinkle's developers team! Our mod is simillar in something to Thorium or Spirit, but it also adds a plot: at the start of the game stranger will meet you and will guide you to the end... Or not? Stay with us to get more...
  2. Zerokk

    tModLoader goldenapple's Mods Updated

    Introduction Hello, everyone! I present to you mods made by my friend - goldenapple. Due to personal circumstances, he can no longer maintain his Terraria mods, so he passed them over to me. That's why I created this thread. Over time, I will update them to new versions of tModLoader and...
  3. Zerokk

    Generation ore in the jungle!

  4. Zerokk

    Hello, Guys! Help me, please! (Index was outside the bounds of the array)

    In my code there is an error related to arrays. Please help: public void PlaceChest(int i, int j) { int startX = i - 10; int startY = j - 11; int number = 0; while (number == 0) { int index =...
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