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  1. Lord Amazon of the Jungle

    tModLoader Needing ideas for a Terraria Jungle mod

    Monsoon Mod - A Jungle Overhaul This is mainly a theory thread on discussing new ideas for a new mod, I am currently thinking of beginning. Currently, I need to learn how the TModLoader API works so I can get started on creating what I plan to release as the mod exists. What Moonsoon is, is a...
  2. Lord Amazon of the Jungle

    PC Infected Players

    I posted a terraria-related art on my DeviantArt and this fellow deviant came and commented about what would happen if the crimson or the corruption infects an actual terrarian. This got me thinking: If the player dies in a respective biome, wether its crimson or corruption would they rise...
  3. Lord Amazon of the Jungle

    Monster Infighting

    If Doom taught me well, having monsters infight pretty much can save you from getting into some real trouble. This got me thinking about our Holy and Not-so-holy neighbours. Considering that, in other fantasy genres, Light and Darkness are always having a right scuff at each other. The...
  4. Lord Amazon of the Jungle

    Doomguy's Past

    I'm a rather curious individual and, while a fan of Terraria, is also a Doom and Zelda loyalist but speaking of Doom. If we already know of John 117, aka Master Chief, of his past as a child. (Where he beat up 5 UNSC officers with his barehands) What about Doomguy? What was his childhood like...
  5. Lord Amazon of the Jungle

    PC A Coincidental Event.

    A horrible coincidence yet but... Whats worse than a Slime Rain and Blood Moon Event?
  6. Lord Amazon of the Jungle

    Drawings & Paintings Robi's Tank Sprites

    He's a b****, annoying isn't it? Well, I have tried to make some form of weapon designed to purely give the players an unbelievable advantage. Tanks. Armored Fighting Vehicles. I want to try and create my very first mod, for this game but here is where i'd post the designs here, see what you...
  7. Lord Amazon of the Jungle

    Drawings & Paintings Robi Tribal - The Jungle King

    I drew this as part of my attachment to everything jungle. c: Your thoughts?
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