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  1. dirtlord

    Mobile Ultrabright torch disappears

    Info: This bug used to happen regularly but I kept forgetting to report it. After a while it stopped happening so I assumed it was fixed. However it happened again recently. Bug: If I bump one of the buttons I don't really use (don't know which one but it's near the movement stick) while...
  2. dirtlord

    Mobile Simple effective enemy trap

    I discovered this by accident when trying to make pillars out of hammered platforms. I kept getting stuck in them, so I decided to see if this also applied to enimies I set up an are put down a medusa statue (just what I had available) and activated it then lured the medusa into it. Sure enough...
  3. dirtlord

    Mobile Flaming Mace despawns brain of cthulhu (Motorola moto e5 play, Android 8.0.0)

    I was on an early game crimson world and decided it was time for the brain of cthulhu. I had noticed that the Flaming Mace I had been using recently basically creates a shield of damage and figured it would be good for the first phase. I crafted a bloody spine and spawned the brain. All seemed...
  4. dirtlord

    Mobile Auto save memory leak like behavior

    For a long time the game has had an issue where it starts smooth then slowly builds up lag until it crashes. Before 1.4 all I had to go on was that it went faster on larger worlds and some world's were worse than others. However in 1.4 I discovered that drunken and journey worlds were noticably...
  5. dirtlord

    Mobile Grappling hooks keep breaking

    If I leave exit the game with a grappling hook in my hotbar, once I go back in the hook is no longer usable from the hotbar (even via the grappling hook specific control) I have to equip it to use it. It's happened with an amethyst hook and a ruby hook so far
  6. dirtlord

    Underwater Survival (Abzutil)

    I was inspired by the release of journeys end to make my own 2d survival game (on mobile). The name (Abzutil) is a combination of the sumerian words: abzu(deep water/underground water) & til(life/survival) The premise: you were a volunteer testing a newly invented cryo-stasis system. You...
  7. dirtlord

    Not sure where to post question on a particular topic

    I'm going to be as vague about the issue as possible while still getting the point across so the replies will be focused on where to post the question I'm trying to create a tool that reads(not edits just reads) mobile world files but I've hit a wall and don't know were to ask for the info I...
  8. dirtlord

    Mobile A prediction for 1.3

    As we know come 1.3 any removed content in the players inventory will be replaced. You can figure out what will happen to anything that was also in console by simply reading the wiki, however there is a fair bit of exclusive content that wasn't in console eg. boots of ostra, egg cannon, horn of...
  9. dirtlord

    Clarification on a mobile specific rule

    Regarding the file sharing rule, where it says "accessing and editing files" ,(this is the only part that could possibly apply), does that include moving cloud saves within Google drive Or downloading them from / uploading them to Google drive. Side note: doing so allows you to get around the...
  10. dirtlord

    Mobile lava fishing (hard to sum up)

    I'm just going to paste what I already posted when asking where to post it This is just weird I finally got a hotline fishing hook so I immediately went to catch flarefin koi and obsidifish so I could make inferno potions but all I can catch in lava is whatever fish I caught last elsewhere...
  11. dirtlord

    Mobile it would be nice if the Android version could be put on the sd card

    The app is approx 100 MB and most phones don't have much space on internal storage for apps so I suggest that you make it SD card compatible by putting -android:installLocation="preferExternal"- just before the package name in the Android manifest file it is a single line of code that allows the...
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