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  1. TheQuietBisharp

    Displaying Kill Total

    Just a random little idea I had, weapons could have the amount of mob kills when glancing over them. Just a little touch that I think would show your love to a certain weapon. I know, very small. You can scorn me later.
  2. TheQuietBisharp

    WIP Baseball Bats - Hit those projectiles back!

    So, I believe a few people around here know I play baseball, and that's given me the inspiration to make this. You might be saying, "Why sports stuff on a video game forum?" I dunno, it's interesting? Now, enough babbling and onto my fiftywhatsit suggestion. This will be subject to changes, I'd...
  3. TheQuietBisharp

    What is a like to you?

    Likes are something discussed quite a bit here. There are those who are held to high esteem for their amount of likes, or maybe their like to post ratio is something they are always tending to. Developers earn likes on just about everything they post, but for good reason. Likes represent a lot...
  4. TheQuietBisharp

    Ask a Bisharp

    Ever want to know the thought processes of a Bisharp? No? Me neither, probably just kill, command, and eat anyway. So... I'll take most questions, but try to keep it mature. I'd like to answer things you may actually want to know about me, not jokes (I may let some slide if they are in good...
  5. TheQuietBisharp

    What's your dream job?

    I'm sure a lot of people here are old enough to have a job. It's a guarantee someone will have a job they don't like, so what job would you like to have of you could have any in the world? For me, it's either being a marine photographer in a tropical location, a video game designer, or someone...
  6. TheQuietBisharp

    Scabbards and Sheaths - Display your weapons on your person

    Heyo everyone! Here's another random idea I got for no reason at all! Imagine being able to display your weapons on your character, being the epitome of badassery. A huge Breaker Blade slung across your back or a Cutlass hanging from your belt, ready for war. I present to you, my idea...
  7. TheQuietBisharp

    Poetry Bisharp's Personal Poetry Parlor

    (By @RoboTT) Bisharp's Personal Poetry Parlor After being on TCF, I think I've found the one art I'm half decent at. Writing. I wanted to do something a bit creative and make poems for others here on TCF based on how I know you. I can also write about whatever you want to request, whatever you...
  8. TheQuietBisharp

    TV Cartoons

    Cartoons have been around since the childhoods of even the veterans here on the forums. They will always be a part of TV and media in general. They have had their share of controversy, as with racism in Looney Toons. Some have achieved worldwide domination, like SpongeBob (except the new ones...
  9. TheQuietBisharp

    Bisharp's Random Mob Compilation

    Hullo, TheQuietBisharp here! I'll be keeping all my random mob ideas here on this thread. Here's a link to a bunch of random water based mobs I thought of: Adding More Diversity To The Water - New Aquatic Life To start, here's the Celestial Slime Celestial Slime Main segment of the...
  10. TheQuietBisharp

    Noob Encounters with a Nymph

    I got this idea by mixing up a thread title in my mind. This will probably be a short story unless I get the urge to write more. "Day 5135 in these dingy caves..." she said to herself. Who is she, you may ask? She is an unholy beast, created when the corrupting hands of nature stole away a...
  11. TheQuietBisharp

    What's your guilty pleasure?

    Everyone has one. It could be a video game, TV show, food or activity, as long as it makes you feel guilty about it. My guilty pleasure is the show Adventure Time. I know, it corrupts brain cells. But its so stupid, its funny. What show can you go from battling a barn with legs to being on a...
  12. TheQuietBisharp

    Cross-Platform The Kirby Thread

    I'm quite surprised this hasn't been made already. This is for all things Kirby. To anybody who may not know who Kirby is: Kirby is a small pink character who's main skill is sucking in enemies to copy their abilities. Kirby has been around since early Nintendo years, touching many generations...
  13. TheQuietBisharp

    What type of gamer are you?

    Everybody is here because of one thing. A video game. That begs the question, what type of gamer are you? Are you conservative, keeping every item no matter how insignificant? How about a rage monster? Maybe just a casual player who does it for the multiplayer. First off, I am a mixture of a...
  14. TheQuietBisharp

    Cat person or dog person?

    Self-explanatory. I'm more of a fish person myself, but that isn't really part of the conversation. Have you had a dog or cat? What's something that they do that makes you love them so much?
  15. TheQuietBisharp

    Adding More Diversity To The Water - New Aquatic Life

    Water in most biomes is pretty devoid of life while on the contrary it's one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, rivaling rain forests. I'd like to add more water creatures to the mix. Arachnaphobiasts beware! It's the water spider! This little bugger will skate across the water like...
  16. TheQuietBisharp

    WIP The Slime That Thought

    I woke up in a pile of sludge and filth. "What manner of chemical reaction could do this?" I wondered to myself. The only instinct that came to me was to hop. I began on a journey to who knows where for who knows why. I first came to a land where gritty grains began getting stuck in my body...
  17. TheQuietBisharp

    The Saber - A weapon for mounts

    I've been reading a book on the American Civil War lately and it inspired me to make this. Imagine, a thin, curved blade usually used by calvalry. I'm unfamiliar with mounts as I'm a mobile player, but I'm thinking this blade will get a 15% damage increase when you're on a mount. I'm thinking...
  18. TheQuietBisharp

    Make as many Pokémon puns as possible!

    This might be Onix-spected, but I thought, "Wynaut?" Just give this thread a Chansey. If not, I'll Registeel your wife.
  19. TheQuietBisharp

    Chrono Trigger Discussion Thread

    I really love this game. It is one of the perfect examples of a Square Enix RPG. Music's great, combat's great, and it's renowned as possibly one of the best games ever. I highly recommend you try this game and experience it yourself. This is to talk about the game, let people know of it, and...
  20. TheQuietBisharp

    The Polar Shovel - A Shovel Knight Homage

    I got this idea while I was outside shoveling snow. We all know this guy, correct? (Thanks for fixing it up @Pumpking!) Well, my idea is for his shovel to be a rare drop (1%) from wolves in a Snow biome, as they look alike to the wolves in Polar Knight's level. It can also be dropped by Armored...
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