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  1. BFlat

    Pixel Art Some Sharp Pixelated Things

    Formerly know as "Death's Unholy Pixels," this thread is back up and running, brand new. with me being 100% more active... My original thread if you want it: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/deaths-unholy-pixels.34393/ broken images will be what kills me
  2. BFlat

    Drawings & Paintings Art from Say'ri

    *insert some clever logo here* This is my art thread. I haven't put any art up yet, but do expect me to. Feel free to request any type of art, and if it really matters, digital or traditional. I usually do anime styled art, but whatever you throw at me, I'll try. Art requests might take a...
  3. BFlat

    What are you going to be for Halloween

    For Halloween me and my friends are going to be politicians. I'm going to be Bernie Sanders.
  4. BFlat

    Pixel Art Death's Unholy Pixels

    NEW THREAD: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/some-sharp-pixelated-things.36726/ I'm kind of new to spriting. But, here is my thread, feel free to make a request ;).
  5. BFlat

    Icea's diary.

    I've created a new character, who's name is Icea, which has a unique backstory. I'm sorry if this is a little like Samrux's because I really liked the idea and wanted to make my own terrarian literature. Prologue I've finally escaped from the frozen wasteland I call home. I wonder where I'll...
  6. BFlat

    Shovel Knight Vanity

    So recently I got hooked on an awesome NES styled platformer, Shovel Knight. I think a Shovel Knight vanity would be nice and fit right in. So without further ado, the information. Shoveler's Greaves Tooltip: Get Diggin' Sold by Demolitionist for 1 gold coin. Defense: 4. Grants the player a...
  7. BFlat

    A problem

  8. BFlat

    Necro Tiered Weapons

    So there are jungle weapons, meteor weapons, molten weapons, but no necro weapons. Here is my proposal to necro weapons. Sprites will be added later Bone Pistol Ranged Damage: 20 Use Time: 14 Velocity: 12 Knockback: 3 Recipe: 1 Handgun, 25 Bones, and 15 Cobwebs. Broken Bone (Needs a better...
  9. BFlat

    Dyeable Weapons

    Not much to say here. I think there should be a slot where you can put in a dye for weapons. Like a :red: terra blade (see what I did there).
  10. BFlat

    Name thing

    So this might sound like a noob, but you know how some people have a mob under their name? How do I get one?
  11. BFlat

    Herpy Derpy Arts

    So I started to draw some terraria art today and wondered... "Should I post this?" Well, here it is. Also, if there is a good free drawing app out there I'd like to know.
  12. BFlat

    Much Pun

    So if you haven't noticed. Hallow-een has started in Terraria... Such Pun. Much Hallow. So Ween. Wow
  13. BFlat

    Mod help needed.

    So I'd like to make a mod for tAPI. Now I don't know how so it would be great if I could work together with some people. If you want to help please message me or post on this thread.
  14. BFlat

    Debug Mode

    The debug mod sounded really fun. I never got to use it though. If 505 Games watches these threads, please bring it back.
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