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  1. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader How to make it so every third bullet always crits

    Hello there! I am trying to work this out, but i don't seem to be able to. I have a gun that fires three bullets like the Clockwork Assault rifle does, however i wanted to make it so that every third bullet in the burst always does a critical hit. I found the function GetWeaponCrit and I assume...
  2. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Get light level at player

    Hello there! Is it at all possible to get the current brightness of light where the player is? If so, how would one go about doing that? Thanks!
  3. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Use consumeable item without giving buff/health/mana?

    Hey there! I'm making a few consumable items for my mod, but i cannot seem to make them work without making them give a buff or health or mana. How can i make the item consumable without doing any of this?
  4. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Custom UI Questions

    Hey there! I just have a few quick questions about making custom UI elements. Firstly, I have a working bar that displays a current percentage of something, and I have the bar working so it lowers as the percent lowers. However, it looks very... plain as a solid color and I was wondering if I...
  5. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Gun "Wind Up" Question.

    Hello there! I have a bit of a curious question. I want to make a ranged weapon that fires bullets, but i want it so the gun starts shooting slowly and by holding the attack button speeds up it's firing rate over a defined amount of time. I know there is item.channel which allows you to hold the...
  6. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Issues with Main.tile[x, y] returning null

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is a bug or just shoddy coding on my part, but every once in awhile when using Main.tile[x, y] during world generation, it randomly returns null! There doesn't seem to be any pattern nor any reason for it to do so, and when it happens the game totally locks up because...
  7. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Detecting what ore(s) generated in WorldGen

    Hello! I have a bit of a odd question. I was wondering if it's possible to, after the World Gen step that spawn the vanilla ores, to check and see if certain ores generated. Ex: Detecting if Copper or Tin ore generated Was just curious to see if this was possible to do. Thanks!
  8. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Custom Beam Weapon not using Mana + No sound when holding

    Hello there! I am making a custom beam-type weapon, but there seems to be a bit of a issue. It activates and fires with no issues, but it doesn't keep using Mana and the sound stops after clicking and holding as well. Here's the Item code: And here is the Projectile code: Any help would be...
  9. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Generating a oval-like shape in World Gen

    Hello! So I'm trying to generate a filled oval like shape, where it is longer then it is tall. Let's say the Y radius is 150 tiles long, and the X radius is 100 tiles long, like so: How would i go about generating this in code? Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  10. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Get when in modded biome

    Hello! As the title suggests, i would like to figure out when a player is in a modded biome, like Calamity's Sulphurous Sea. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  11. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader A few questions about accessories

    Hello there! I just have a few questions about accessories. 1) How would you go about making a accessory do a thing only when a certain stat of the player is below a certain point, say making it regenerate life, but only when the player is below 50% health I tried to do this public override...
  12. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Possible to add in own rarity levels above normal ones?

    Hello! I was curious about if it was possible to add in your own rarity levels above the normal available ones. I know it's possible to set the item text color in the DisplayName.SetDefault() function, but this doesn't actually change the color of the item when picked up or reforged. I was also...
  13. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Make a tile give a Debuff

    I've tried to look around but i can't seem to find how to do this anywhere. I have a block that i would like to have the same effect as the Meteor or Hellstone block where standing on it would give the player the On Fire! debuff unless they have the Obsidian Skull or similar item. Any help would...
  14. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Ahndrek's Basic Firearms

    Ahndrek's Basic Firearms (Ahn's Basic Firearms) Current Version: v1.1.0 Avalible on Mod Browser - Github Link Hello and i welcome you to my Basic Firearms mod! It currently adds in 9 new pistols made from Pre-HM metals and wood, 3 SMG type weapons, and 2 crafting components for the weapons...
  15. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    tModLoader Trying to make a custom High Velocity Bullet variant

    Hey there! I'm working on some weapons and i wanted to make a High Velocity bullet but that applied the 'On Fire!' de-buff and was more orange. But something seems to be off. While i can set the 'On Fire!' de-buff, the color doesn't seem to change and the bullet looks odd. Here's what i mean by...
  16. Ahndrek Li'Cyri

    PC Hello everyone!

    Why hello there! Name is Ahndrek Li'Cyri, or just Andrew if you don't wanna type that all out. Been playing Terraria mobile for some time and then moved to PC about 2 years ago. It was my first game I bought on Steam, actually! I'm now into Terraria quite a bit more and enjoy modding it a bit...
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