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  1. OniDeidara

    Wanna long-term vanilla expert duo/trio

    Hi. I'm interested.
  2. OniDeidara

    tModLoader Bismuth Mod Release

    Hello! Is this mod compatible with other content mods like Antiaris & Thorium?
  3. OniDeidara

    An easy way to make Brain of Confusion useful

    There's nothing else I can think of that would make it better. If you have any ideas (Although I don't think you do as of right now since you're against bettering it right now), feel free to share them.
  4. OniDeidara

    An easy way to make Brain of Confusion useful

    I understand where you're coming from. The idea of this item becoming like an emblem completely slipped out of my mind. Roughened Armor Cuts an enemy's defense by 1/3 The Brain of Precision increases your critical strike chance by 15%. Striking an enemy has a 60% chance to inflict Roughened...
  5. OniDeidara

    An easy way to make Brain of Confusion useful

    This leads us to one of the dilemmas players face during the start of their expert playthrough: Do I risk playing crimson and lose the worm scarf, but get the vampire knives and ichor-based items in the end? Or, do I play corruption, get the worm scarf which overrules most of the crimson items...
  6. OniDeidara

    An easy way to make Brain of Confusion useful

    Hi. The aim of this suggestion is to bring into light one of the main issues with the Brain of Confusion, an expert accessory dropped by *drumrolls*... Brain of Cthulhu, of course. I do sincerely apologize if someone has brought this suggestion before. I recently came back to Terraria and the...
  7. OniDeidara

    Bjärk, I'm a Swedish dog.

    Bjärk, I'm a Swedish dog.
  8. OniDeidara

    PC The Calamity Texture Pack

    Uhm... Guys.. Where did I go wrong? I installed it via Tmodloader. Mods I'm using: Terraria Overhaul, Antiaris, Thorium, Alchemist NPC Lite, Magic Storage, Vanilla Tweaks, Spirit Mod, Which mod is this from, Wing Slot, Yet another boss health bar, and Crystillium I'm sorry for double posting...
  9. OniDeidara

    PC Do you remember?

    Do you remember when clouds looked like marshmallow, and when bats would dive?
  10. OniDeidara

    The Vending Machine

    You get donkey wearing makeup. I insert 1 platinum coin.
  11. OniDeidara

    Dumbest reason you have been kicked/banned from a server for

    I was part of another community in Gta SA-MP. I went to another community's forum to say hi and got banned for spying. Spying. Spying on a server that has 13 y/o Admins, stolen script and playerbase, and an owner that got banned from the main server for being a little fool who DDoS-es those who...
  12. OniDeidara

    If the above user's profile pic was a NPC, what would one of their quotes be?

    I've been looking for a chicken or two lately... But I can't seem to find any. Is there anything good for me sitting inside your fridge?
  13. OniDeidara

    PC Is this supposed to be happening?

    Well, let me start by saying that I'm not using any kind of hack, or any mod, and my Terraria isn't a cracked version. I've been playing Terraria for a while now and I noticed lately that it's performance FPS-wise are deteriorating, and today I've encountered a very weird... Bug? So let me...
  14. OniDeidara

    Mac I dont know how this happened

    I'm glad I helped you find it.
  15. OniDeidara

    Mac I dont know how this happened

    Apparently he checked almost all of the jungle and he didn't find it. O.T: Check out the area under that large lake in the middle of the picture, finding the Lihzahrd Temple is hard af and I understand how you feel.
  16. OniDeidara

    PC 1.3.1 : Mechanics and Controller Support!

    Medusa is now Hardmode-only.... Crying intensifies I like this update even tho I'm not the wiring guy, fancy stuff.
  17. OniDeidara

    PC Seeking Terraria Player for Seasonal Achievements

    I could be of help. I've got a Ranger character I can depend on when it comes to achievements.
  18. OniDeidara

    PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

    Yay for that! Are we gonna get a changelog like usual?
  19. OniDeidara

    Lucid Dreaming

    As weird as it sounds, it is possible if you "spam" reality checks and don't do stupid stuff, I heard from the creator of a few guides I used to read that he kept it going for an hour (shoutout to him)! However, I can get pretty dumb sometimes. I often waste that time arranging things and...
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