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  1. TOMKA

    PC Immortal dogs and cats pets in Terraria 1.4

    Hello everyone! This is my first suggestion on forums, so I'm sorry, if I post it in a wrong place. So, as you all know (or at least a lot people know) in 1.4 there will be added new cats and daogs as pets. However, there is one MASSIVE problem: they can die. And I think, that there MUST be a...
  2. TOMKA

    tModLoader Mod suggestion.

    Hello everyone! I want to give you suggestion for very useful mod (in my opinion) and hope that some modders will code it. So, my idea to make mod with items, which increase amount of pet slots. They can be rare drops from some bosses, for example. Because I like playing with mods, and a...
  3. TOMKA

    tModLoader Trelamium for 1.3.4 version download

    Hello everyone! I need some help of yours. I want to play modded Terraria on 1.3.4 version. And I want to include Trelamium mod in that playthrough. But, unfortunately, version I have is pretty outdated. (No symphony, no faded enemies, old DarkWING's and Pyron's sprite, etc.) So, if anyone has...
  4. TOMKA

    tModLoader Need help finding mods

    Hello everyone! I want to start my modded playthrough on version 1.3.3. (Because I got bored playing mods on 1.3.5 version) And I need some mods for my playthrough (I typed full list of mods, that I need below). So, if you played with some mods from that list and saved your character, worlds and...
  5. TOMKA

    tModLoader How to downgrade Terraria to 1.3.3

    Sorry for my bad English! Hello everyone! I want to play modded Terraria on 1.3.3 version. But I need to downgrade Terraria to 1.3.3 for it. Is it possible? If yes, please tell how.
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