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  1. SilentStorm.

    tModLoader Creating a new layer

    Is it possible to create another layer in tModloader, just like trees and grass have their own layer?
  2. SilentStorm.

    tModLoader Coders, spriters and ideaers needed

    Delete this. Just delete this.
  3. SilentStorm.

    Spoiler overflow

    Hello, I've got a lil' problem with spoilers in my sig. Every time I try to make something like this: [/SPOILER] it changes to [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] You can see it in my sig with the first two spoilers.
  4. SilentStorm.

    tModLoader Projectiles and blocks

    I'm making a mod, and I'd like to make some projectiles go "behind" chosen blocks like glass (and can be seen through it) and collide with rest, but I have no idea if it's even possible. Also, how do I make a projectile that appears almost instantaneously when a (chosen) block it's attached to...
  5. SilentStorm.

    Player size change

    I'd like to make a mod for changing players size, but I have no idea how to code it. Can anyone give me a tip or point to where player size is coded so I can check how is it done?
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